Newest Additions to My iPod

Last week, I mentioned one of my favorite new songs – “The Rifle’s Spiral” by The Shins (watch the awesome video at the end of this post), and after doing so, I realized that I’m overdue for a post about the music that gets me moving when I’m working out.

I shared my entire workout playlist in April (check it out here), and since then, it’s evolved significantly. I removed a bunch of songs that I was tired of hearing, and added a bunch of new songs to the mix. I thought I’d share some of them with you. And I’d love for you to comment with the newest songs on your playlist!

Before I start, since we’re talking music, I’d love if you checked out my amazingly talented friend Kristy Hanson, who is so close to winning a songwriting contest. Check out her song by clicking here and vote for her! I wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t a great song. You can’t see it in the video, but Kristy is operating a looper with her feet to layer her own voice, beats, and chords in the moment. It’s ridiculously cool.

Ready for some music?

Fiona Apple’s new album The Idler Wheelis absolutely phenomenal, from beginning to end. I love it. It’s not really a workout album, but one of the songs has become a workout staple anyway. It’s called “Hot Knife,” and it’s just Fiona’s voice, layered over a repeating timpani and the occasional piano. I’ve never heard anything like it before, and it’s unexpectedly effective when I’m in the gym.

My sister Sarah sent me a link a couple months ago  to a song called “212” by Azealia Banks. I was hooked immediately. It has a great beat. It’s also extremely explicit. It’s full of cursing, slurs, and very vulgar references to the naughty parts between your legs. I love this song, but you’ve been warned!

A rock song that I’ve been playing a lot lately is “Shine” by a local Los Angeles band named Kill the Complex. I have a personal connection – the drummer, Ted, is a buddy and neighbor. It’s great having talented friends!

When I was in college, I starting listening to a Japanese pop group named Pizzicato Five. “Go Go Dancer” used to be one of my favorite songs, and a little while ago, it came up when I was listening to my iPod on shuffle. I remembered how much I loved it, so I added it to my workout playlist.

Lastly, lots of you will think this weird, but I occasionally exercise to orchestral pieces of music, and the newest addition in that category is the first movement of Maurice Ravel’s Piano Concerto in G Major, which was written in 1931.

The piece is 8 1/2 minutes long, and the tempo alternates, often abruptly, between quieter bluesy moments and soaring, energetic passages. I’m in it for the final minute, though. When the pianist starts furiously attacking those bass notes and the climactic build to the end begins (at 7 minutes and 28 seconds in the video), I’m all in, pushing myself harder and stronger, no matter what kind of exercise I’m doing. The final 20 seconds are, for my money, the most ebullient and triumphant seconds in music, and I can’t help but feel jubilant and victorious when that last chord is played. There’s nothing better than ending my workouts with that kind of energy coarsing through my body.

Keep it up, David.

Oh! I almost forgot! I’m completely geeked because in a few months, I’m gonna hear Ravel’s Piano Concert in G Major performed live by the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra. I can’t wait! Learn more about the concert here – tickets go on sale soon!

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  1. Nina says:

    Have a great day David!

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