My New Toy!

I’m as excited as a hooker at a Secret Service retreat because… I GOT A NEW TOY!  Wanna guess what it is? I’ll give you a hint… it’s to use in my kitchen.

Need another hint?

It came from this section of Bed, Bath & Beyond:

Need another hint?


I’ll tell you what: There is something special about the bond between a man and his Crockpot that simply cannot be put into words.

You may recall that my previous Crockpot had suffered a major, although not fatal, injury: the handle broke off, in a way that wasn’t fixable. The last couple times we’ve played “What’s In The Crockpot,” I’ve had to use a jury-rigged handle made out of painter’s tape (click here or here for proof).

Even if you didn’t notice the blue tape handle, there was definitely one person who did: my mother. And she happens to be in town this weekend. She came to attend my cousins’ baby shower, but when she arrived the other night, it turned out she had another bulleted item on her to-do list: “I want to get you a new Crockpot,” she said.

When someone offers to buy you a crockpot, you take them up on it! So with her purse and my 20% coupon, we hit Bed, Bath & Beyond. I settled on a 6-quart dealie that’s officially (and unfortunately) called the Crockpot Cook Carry Smart Pot Slow Cooker (say that five times fast). It’s definitely a step up from my last Crockpot – it has a countdown digital timer, so I can set it and leave the house, and when it’s done cooking, it will automatically shift to the ‘warm’ setting. It’s also 1 quart larger than my last one. And it’s stainless steel, and looks mighty pretty on my countertop.

And, it came with a BONUS CROCKPOT! This is the Little Dipper, a 16-ounce Crockpot that’s good for dips and sauces.

To be honest, I already have a Little Dipper – a present, ironically enough, from my mother about 6 years ago. Now I have two!

I thanked my mom in person, but I’ll thank her again here: THANKS, MOM! Here’s a picture of the two of us at the baby shower:

After buying the Crockpot, we stopped at the supermarket, where, among other things, we bought some ingredients for a dish to inaugurate my new toy. I’ll be sharing that recipe shortly. You better believe it’s healthy – I’m kicking my relationship with my new Crockpot off on the right foot!

Keep it up, David!

2 Responses to My New Toy!

  1. vanessa says:

    OOHH THE HORROR!!!!! Why David? WHY?!?! she was sooo good to you and you just up and toss her cause someone new and shiny came into your life?

  2. Nina says:

    it turns off by itself….that really is just wrong…wow…that’s AWESOME!

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