Updated 10K Race Results

I got an unexpected surprise in the mail recently. It was an info sheet with finalized race results from the BolderBOULDER!

I ran the BolderBOULDER with my sister Sarah on Memorial Day, and it was a fantastic race. The course wound through the streets of Boulder and ended up in the football stadium at the University of Colorado. See pictures and learn more about the race here.

The info sheet came as a surprise, because Sarah and I were able to access race results later that day through the website. Do other races provide updated statistics once all the numbers were crunched? I think it’s a really nice touch, and it makes me want to run the BolderBOULDER next year even more.

So what do the updated statistics tell me? In a nutshell, I did a little worse than I originally thought. The important stuff stayed the same: I finished the race in 59 minutes and 8 seconds, and my average pace was 9:31 per mile.

But my rank compared to the other runners fell slightly:

  • I thought I came in 12,920th place, but the new sheet tells me I came in 12,996th place – turns out 76 runners finished faster than initially thought!
  • Instead of being the 247th male that’s 33 years old to finish, I was the 250th.
  • I wasn’t the 8,480th male to cross the finish line, I was the 8,547th.

What do I think of these adjustments? Absolutely nothing. I’m a little curious about where these faster runners came from, but falling slightly lower on the leaderboard doesn’t diminish my pride at all. I’m still elated that I finished in under an hour – a feat I was fairly certain wouldn’t happen, just because of the high altitude.

Plus, I learned a couple new things on the info sheet that have me pretty stoked.

  • The average time for 33-year-old men was 1:02:27 – a time I beat by over three minutes! WOO-HOO!
  • They listed an official count of 10K finishers, and all in all, 47,925 people crossed the finish line.  (It’s a HUGE race, huh?)  My rank of 12,996 means I finished in the top third. I was in the 73rd percentile! DOUBLE WOO-HOO!

This is completely, totally awesome news.that completely, totally made my day.

Keep it up, David!


3 Responses to Updated 10K Race Results

  1. Numbers schmumbers, you at least did the run!

  2. J. says:

    heh, I think every race has chip issues. My half-marathon had same – my placing shifted down about 7 slots a few days after the initial results. I think it’s great they sent you a sheet at all!

  3. I ran a 10K (my first one) this May. I hit my GPS watch as I crossed the starting line and finishing line. In fact, I hit it even a little early on the starting line. My “official” time compared to my watch time was still several seconds different. I wonder how accurate those timing chips are after all…

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