Weight Loss Chart Update – July

HOLY SHITBALLS – It’s the second half of 2012! This year is flying by.

It’s time to update my weight loss chart! Perhaps you remember – when I unveiled Version 3.0 of my weight loss chart a few weeks (read about it here), I decided I would only update it at the beginning of each month. Meanwhile, I’ve been weighing myself every other Tuesday, and what I didn’t consider was what I’d do when the first of the month fell on a day other than every other Tuesday, as it’s prone to do 13 out of 14 times.

So, I’m making another change. Instead of weighing myself every other Tuesday, I’m going to weigh myself the 1st and 15th of every month, no matter what day of the week they fall on. It’s really only a slight adjustment – I’ll be weighing myself every 15 days (with the occasional 16 or 13 day stretch, depending on the month) instead of every 14 days.

Starting right now.

So, on July 1st (yesterday), I climbed on the scale. I was feeling good about the choices I made since my last weigh-in, so I even had my camera ready. I’m glad I did.

Two Hundred Thirty Seven Pounds!  That’s DOWN ONE POUND!

(I ignore the tenths on my scale, as a tactic to keep from obsessing over numbers. It works.)

Then it was time to update my Weight Loss Chart, Version 3.0:

Two impressive factoids:

  1. It’s my lowest weight in four months.
  2. I lost three pounds in June.

Man, do I love factoids!

A weight of 237 pounds means I’ve lost 165 pounds total. I first hit this weight in July 2011 – exactly one year ago. Doesn’t that mean I can say I’ve kept off 165 pounds for a year now?

I guess that makes three impressive factoids!

Here’s a couple more shots of my Weight Loss Chart:


One Response to Weight Loss Chart Update – July

  1. Janet says:

    Woohoo!! That’s great David!!

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