The Milestone I Missed

It’s been a busy week. I started my new job on Monday (and it’s been going really well), and I’ve been readjusting to being in the work force. Wednesday was a planned rest day, but I’ve exercised all the other days. I’ve been eating really well – I’ve brought my lunch with me to work for the past four days, and additional food for snacks, since I’ve hit the gym before or after work every day this week (except Wednesday).

I’ve been focused on creating new healthy habits, and, in doing so, completely missed a major blog milestone.

This week, I published my 600th post!


This post that you’re reading right now is #603. Post #600 was the What’s In The Crockpot installment I ran on Tuesday.

Six Hundred Posts. Wow.

I’ve encouraged myself six hundred times to keep it up.

I’ve pushed myself six hundred times to eat healthy, exercise harder, try new things, educate myself, value myself, love myself.

I’ve shared six hundred episodes from my life: workouts, recipes, obstacles, victories, setbacks, celebrations.

I created this blog as a way to stay motivated on my quest to lose weight and change my life. I can say, with certainly, six hundred posts later, that it’s working. I’m as motivated as ever.


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