Only In LA…

I swear I’m not trying to be on reality shows, but for the second time in three months, I’ve been unexpectedly filmed by reality show crews. The first time was when I showed up at Slimmons and Tia & Tamera (which is airing right now on the Style Network) was filming. Read my post about it here.

Then, Tuesday night, I showed up at my regular gym, and guess who hops on the treadmill five down from mine?

No, really, GUESS.

Kendra Wilkinson!

Or maybe she goes by Kendra Bassett, since she’s now a married lady. If you’re unfamiliar with Kendra, she was some sort of model that caught Hugh Hefner’s eye. She became his girlfriend, appeared nude in 3 issues of Playboy, starred, alongside Hugh’s 2 other girlfriends, on the reality show The Girls Next Door, and competed on Dancing With the Stars. The Girls Next Door was a huge hit on E! but I never saw a single episode of it, or Kendra’s spinoff, which was appropriately called Kendra. I really have no interest on Hugh Hefner’s love life, and even less interest in getting to know his girlfriends.

Now Kendra has a show of her own, on WE, called Kendra on Top – and the only reason I know that is because my friend Tom works as an editor on it. It premiered earlier this month, and I haven’t watched a second of it, and probably won’t (no offense, Tom).

So Kendra on Top was filming at my gym, and as soon as Kendra got on that treadmill, 2 cameramen, a sound guy, and a few other producers and assistants swooped in or started hovering in the area. Kendra was there with another woman, whom I didn’t recognize, and they were chatting away.

From her modelling days. I have that exact same swimsuit, by the way.

Normally, I’d be curious by the whole thing – not by what Kendra was talking about, because I really couldn’t care less, but by what the crew was doing, and if (and how) they were manipulating the “reality” of it all. That night, however, I wasn’t in the mood. It was a long day, and I just wanted to get my workout in and go home.

I was only using the treadmill to warm-up, so I stuck with my plan, did my 6 minutes, and headed upstairs to the weight machines. I was intercepted along the way by a staffer who asked me to sign a release granting the show permission to use footage of me on-air. I was pretty certain that I was far enough away from Kendra that I wasn’t on-camera anyway, so I started filling out the form.

I had this conversation with the staffer:

Staffer: “On this line, can you put three identifying features about yourself? So we know which one is you. You could say that you’re wearing a black shirt, or have glasses, or are really tall…”

Me: “How ’bout I put that I’m really fucking hot?”

Staffer (smiling): I don’t think that will work. I’ll file that away for my own reference, though!”

Me: “Yeah, you better!”

I headed up to the weights and hoped that Kendra and crew would stay down in the cardio area. No such luck. Fifteen minutes later, I’m using the row machine, and who shows up two machines over, doing pull-ups? Kendra. And this time I could tell from the cameraman’s position that I might be in the shot. Maybe not. I wouldn’t be if it was a close-up of Kendra. All I’m saying is that there’s a chance. And who knows what footage from the gym outing (if any) will actually make it into the show at all?

So I might be making another blink-and-you-miss-it appearance on a reality show. Does this mean that I’ll have to start watching Kendra on Top? Do any of you watch it? Maybe I can just get Tom to keep an eye out for me in the editing room.

Just in case you’re wondering, Kendra is tiny. She’s maybe 5’3″ or 5’4″ (a full foot shorter than me) and I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s a size 0.

Kendra aside, I had a pretty good workout. I focused on chest and shoulders, and ended with some cardio on an Adaptive Motion Trainer. It was my 6th day of working out in a row, so yesterday was a well-earned rest day.

Keep it up, David!


5 Responses to Only In LA…

  1. jennifer says:

    You forgot to mention Kendra’s amazing work on “Celebrity Rap Superstar”.

  2. nathanalbert says:

    Your life is amazingly awesome. Not to mention hilarious.

  3. Pat says:

    Woot Woot!!

  4. Stu McLellan says:

    Thank you for using “couldn’t care less” as opposed to the becoming-wildly-popular (yet forever incorrect) “could care less”

  5. Tavi says:

    Ah David, what an extraordinary fate you have. Destined to be a blink-and-you-miss-it back drop to reality TV stars!

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