How to Buy a Wetsuit For 52 Cents

Now that I’ve enrolled myself in an exciting (and terrifying) fitness challenge – I’ll be swimming 1.2 miles in the Pacific Ocean during the Distance Swim Challenge in August – it’s time to gear up. I was lacking one major piece of necessary equipment: a wetsuit.

Serious open water competitors swim without wetsuits, but:

  1. This is my first open water swim, so I’m far from being a serious open water swimmer,
  2. The Pacific Ocean is cold, and
  3. If I’m gonna be out there tempting sharks, why not look as much as a floundering, injured seal as possible?

I ended up getting an amazing deal on a wetsuit. Here’s how I did it:

STEP ONE: Run the BolderBOULDER 10K Race. This ginormous race has 50,000+ runners racing through Boulder, Colorado on Memorial Day, and a few weeks ago, me and my sister Sarah were two of them (see photos here). Dick’s Sporting Goods was the largest sponsor of the race this year, and our race packets were full of Dick’s coupons, about 6 or 7 in all. And they were good ones, too!

STEP TWO: Go to Dick’s Sporting Goods when they have wetsuits on sale. I went to their website to find the closest location (about 25 minutes away in Pasadena), and while on their website, I looked at their wetsuit selection, and that’s when I saw that all DBX brand wetsuits were 50% off. Score!

At the store, I grabbed two sizes of the DBX Men’s Shorty Springsuits (Large and XL) and tried them on. If you’re ever in the vicinity of a sporting goods store and are in need of a workout, just take some wetsuits into a dressing room and try them on – it’s exhausting. I tried the Large first, but I couldn’t get it around my shoulders. The Extra-Large was a very good fit. Off to the registers!

STEP THREE: Use a coupon. The tag on the wetsuit lists the price as $79.99. The sale price (50% off) was $39.99. One of my BolderBOULDER coupons was $10 off any purchase, so that knocked the price down to $29.99. With tax, my total was $32.61.

STEP FOUR: Use a gift card. If you don’t have a gift card, start being super nice to your friends and family so someone will give you one for your birthday/Christmas/Hannukah/Mother’s Day/just because you’re awesome. I happened to have an Amex Gift Card that had $32.09 remaining on it, so I handed it over.

Remaining balance: 52 cents.

STEP FIVE: Pay up and walk out the door with your new wetsuit that cost less than a pack of gum!

I already love my wetsuit, and I haven’t even worn it in the water yet! But I did take a picture of myself wearing it in the dressing room.

I love the way this photo turned out, because I look like a total bad-ass in it. I wasn’t trying to look bad-ass; I was just focused on how the hell I was gonna take a decent photo in that tiny dressing room.

On second thought, I’m changing my tune. I look like a total bad-ass because I AM a total bad-ass!

Keep it up, David!


2 Responses to How to Buy a Wetsuit For 52 Cents

  1. Nurse Karen says:

    The wetsuit accentuates the definition of your healthy muscles and fine bone structure. Narly, Dude…You’re in for a bitchin’ ride on those swells, Baby! KIUD!!!

  2. Janet says:

    Another fun post David and hell you look great in that suit. 😉

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