What’s In The RediSetGo? Part Twenty-Four

It’s been over two months since we’ve played “What’s In The RediSetGo?” – and that’s too long! I’m ready for another installment. Are you?

Some CliffsNotes for any first-timers: “What’s In The RediSetGo?” is a little game I created back when this blog was a wee little blogling. It’s based on my love of the RediSetGo, a fantastic kitchen thingamajig that you can order off an informercial (watch it online at the RediSetGo website). You’ll soon see how ridiculously easy it is to play – all you have to do is guess the answer to the simple (or not-so-simple) titular question. If you like the game as much as a lot of my readers do, then check out the archives. You can play Parts One through Twenty-Three by visiting my “What’s In The RediSetGo?” Page (there’s a link in the header, so you can easily access it no matter where you are on this site).

So round up four high-energy members of your family, and put on your best ’70s duds, because it’s time to play the Feud!

Nope, wrong game. It’s time to play…


CILANTRO & LIME SALMON is in the RediSetGo!

The RediSetGo is perfect for fish – it cooks it wonderfully, and my whole house doesn’t end up smelling like fish, which sometimes happens when I cook it on the stove. I use the RediSetGo’s divider insert pan, which I can slide right in the dishwasher afterward, making clean-up super easy. (I actually have to use the insert pan, because the non-stick finish on the main cooking surface is chipping and peeling. Yep, I use the RediSetGo a lot!)

This lunch was easy as pie, which is exactly what I needed, because I was in the middle of conquering a hefty to-do list. It started with an individually-wrapped-and-frozen portion of salmon from my recent visit to Costco, which I put in my fridge last night to thaw. Here it is frozen (the package says each portion is 6-8 ounces):

The cilantro and lime part was also simple-pimple: It came from a bottle! Citrus always goes well with fish, and I do love cilantro.

Setting up the RediSetGo took three easy steps:

  1. Slicking the insert pan with non-stick spray.
  2. Placing the salmon in the insert pan.
  3. Pouring 2-3 tablespoons of the cilantro & lime dressing on top. (3 tablespoons = 15 calories and no fat!)

Oh – I also turned the RediSetGo on before doing those things, so that’d be a fourth step, done about three minutes before the above three steps – the RediSetGo preheats very quickly!

I didn’t eat the salmon by itself – I also made a quick and easy side dish on the stove. I realized yesterday I had a big tub of spinach that was expiring, so I decided I’d saute all of it. Spinach wilts down to hardly anything, so sauteing spinach is a great, healthy way to get tons of greens into your diet and clean out your crisper drawer.

Before I got to the spinach, I pressed some garlic through my garlic press, and chopped up a small red onion and my last roma tomato.

I slicked my big non-stick skillet with cooking spray, and got the garlic, onion, and tomato cooking over medium heat. After the onion softened and started turning translucent (it only takes a few minutes), I added handfuls and handfuls of spinach. My skillet was heaping by the time I got it all in there.  But, after a couple minutes, I started turning the spinach, and, before I knew it (maybe 4 minutes, tops), my giant heap of spinach was replaced by a perfectly ordinary-sized vegetable side dish.

I didn’t add any sauce of flavors to the spinach (besides the garlic, tomato, and onion), because I was planning on pouring the cilantro and lime sauce that collected in the bottom of the insert pan over my entire plate. And, after piling the salmon on top of the spinach, that’s exactly what I did.

The finished product:

The perfect bite:

A fantastic meal. The cilantro & lime dressing was much better as a sauce for salmon than it is as a salad dressing (which is its recommended use, but it’s too acidic). The salmon was flaky and wonderfully cooked, and everything tasted fresh and bright.

I love easy, delicious, healthy meals. There’s nothing better!

Keep it up, David!

3 Responses to What’s In The RediSetGo? Part Twenty-Four

  1. Caron says:

    Ha ha your blog was “a wee little blogling.” Salmon is my favorite fish and I only get it when we eat out like last night for my daughter’s birthday dinner. Your meal looks outstanding and so healthy. 🙂

  2. Lucie says:

    I was almost right–my guess was salmon & asparagus. Had a salmon salad at work yesterday with a small indvidual can, romaine lettuce, cucumbers, raw mushrooms & Brianna’s Champagne Caper Salad Dressing. Check out their salad dressings they’re so good–they have a lemon & tarragon that’s really low in calories.
    So good & easy.

  3. Oooh I need to get my arse to Costco!!

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