Canada + Construction

Happy Monday! I have two topics for today. Let’s start with…

1) CANADA. I spent a big chunk of my Sunday morning with my jaw on the ground. I love the Canadian press! Here’s what happened:

The fantastic Montreal Gazette article about me (eloquently written by the lovely and talented June Thompson) ran last Thursday. Yesterday, I realized that the article was picked up by a bunch of other Canadian newspapers. Nine of them, by my count. Nine! Let’s go to the map!

Haven’t read the article yet? Click on any of these newspapers – take your pick!

  1. Vancouver Sun
  2. The Province (a Vancouver newspaper)
  3. Victoria Times Colonist
  4. Calgary Herald
  5. Edmonton Journal
  6. Saskatoon StarPhoenix
  7. Regina Leader-Post
  8. Windsor Star
  9. Ottawa Citizen
  10. Montreal Gazette

In addition to these local papers, the article also ran on

I’m seriously floored. What an incredible way to start the week! I’m so grateful, I wanna hug everyone I come across. So if you want a hug, come find me!

Except for the Gazette, I don’t know if the article ran in the print editions of these papers or not. If you happen to subscribe to any of them and wanna look, I’d greatly appreciate it! If you’re willing to mail the print edition to me, you’ll be my new best friend. Email me at!

Also, a big heartfelt welcome to the new folks checking out my blog! A great first-time visitor guide can be found at the beginning of this post, and if you like what you see as you explore, consider becoming an email subscriber! You’ll get every post in your inbox. All you gotta do is click the “Sign Me Up” Button below the head-to-toe photo of yours truly in the right-hand column. You can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ – all great ways to learn about new posts.

While my love for the Canadian press is new, my love for Canada dates back to when I was a boy. I grew up in Michigan a mere 45 minutes from the Canadian border, and going to Ontario was a regular thing in our family, and a frequent destination for vacations. I spent more Saturdays and Sundays in Sarnia (where my father docked his sailboat) than I can count, and I’ve been multiple times to Boblo (a now-closed Canadian amusement park) and to see plays at the Stratford Theatre Festival. One winter we went skiing at Blue Mountain, and thanks to my dad’s sailboat, I’ve been to little towns all over the Canadian side of Lake Huron. It’s simply beautiful in that part of the world!

Moving on…

2) CONSTRUCTION. There’s construction going on a little ways from my house. I don’t know for certain, but I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be a fast food restaurant. It might be hard to tell in this photo, but it looks to me like there’s a drive-thru window, to the left of the light pole:

It would not be surprising in the least if this does turn out to be fast food. This building is literally across the street from a Jack in the Box, and a few blocks from an El Pollo Loco, Burger King, and McDonald’s. While I used to be an avid fast food consumer, I’m now quite accustomed to driving by them without blinking an eye, and the addition of one more drive-thru won’t change that.

If it ends up being an Arby’s, though, than I’ll need to have a good long talk with the universe. Here’s why:

I’ve lived in the Burbank/North Hollywood area for roughly nine years, and I ate fast food during the first six and a half, up until I began losing weight. I wasn’t a picky eater. I liked it all. And it was all available to me, within a very short drive. Any fast food I wanted could me mine within a matter of minutes.

Except Arby’s. There’s no Arby’s in Burbank or North Hollywood. The closest two Arby’s are around 30 minutes away in traffic – which is pretty far, compared to their competitors located just blocks away. On a couple occasions, I made the drive specifically for Arby’s. On other occasions, I hit the drive-thru when I was in the neighborhood for other reasons. So I got my Arby’s fix every once in a while.

But it didn’t stop me from wondering, time and time again, when an Arby’s would open in my neighborhood. As sad as this sounds, there were a couple times when I saw construction and actively hoped for an Arby’s (I never got my wish: one building turned out to be a strip mall, and the other turned out to be government offices). Off and on, for years and years, I was putting all sorts of positive Arby’s energy out in the universe.

Now I’m wondering if the universe listened. If this building turns out to be an Arby’s, I’m going to kick myself, if only because had I known the universe was so attentive, I would’ve devoted all that positive energy towards something more important (and healthy) than fast food! I’ll keep you posted on what that building turns out to be, and should it be fast food, Arby’s or otherwise, I pledge to drive by and not drive thru.

Keep it up, David.


5 Responses to Canada + Construction

  1. The way construction around L.A. seems to be going these days, it’s more likely to be a new drive-thru Starbucks. 😉 I definitely looks like a drive-thru fast food type building though, I agree.

  2. Mary Ann says:

    I hope it’s NOT a bank! Every time I see new construction like this I wish to the Universe that it WILL be a great new food place but Nooooo it more than not turns into another bank so we have to put up with 3 on every intersection corner. Stop with the new banks already. They do not improve my community!

  3. Yeah, Canada DOES rock! 😛

  4. Marie says:

    Canada is truly a promising land for people that is why everyone wants to migrate there. I think Canada is now a melting pot of different nationalities.

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