My Appearance on PYRAMID – Part 2

You’re in for a treat, folks!

Yesterday, I shared the first half of my appearance on the game show Pyramid from 2003, and talked about the audition process and my memories from the taping. Click here if you need to catch up.

Now it’s time for the second half! Sit back and relax… and see if I win the big bucks!

PYRAMID – 2003 – Part 3:

PYRAMID – 2003 – Part 4:

In case you’re wondering, I still have that TV that I won – it’s nine years old and still working like a charm!

The other thing I must address… and yes, this is a SPOILER ALERT if you didn’t watch Part 4: Yep, Michael Ian Black robbed me of $10,000! Annoying, but it happens. I used to refer to Michael Ian Black as my nemesis (somewhat jokingly, somewhat not), but, Michael, if you happen to be reading this, all is forgiven. Forgiveness is good.

Keep it up, David!


4 Responses to My Appearance on PYRAMID – Part 2

  1. Laura James says:

    David thanks for sharing! You are a good player, and I have to say that prepositional phrase rule is stupid. I love that you still have the TV too. I would love to be on a game show, haven’t made it on one yet.

  2. Tv Food and Drink says:

    Ha! That’s awesome. I was on it too! I’ll have to find my videos. I know they’re somewhere. I was so excited (and so broke) when I went on… Pyramid saved me from economic downfall!!

  3. Debbie says:

    Hey…I specifically remember Jocie and I watching this and feeling like the rule that D.O. explained on prepositions were edited and put in there after you lost…as if they already explained it to you, M.I.B and the audience but you STILL didn’t follow the directions! Are we right? I swear they never talked about that rule in other episodes!

    • David says:

      Nope, no editing trickery – the precise rule that MIB broke was explained to him seconds before he broke it. My theory is that during practice/preparation sessions backstage, MIB kept on using prepositions, and they kept warning him about it, and that the on-air reminder was one final warning that he didn’t heed.

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