Weigh In Wednesday

The title of this post of a bold-faced lie. I don’t weigh myself on Wednesdays, I weigh myself on Tuesdays. But the blog post doesn’t go up until Wednesday, and I couldn’t resist the alliteration. There’s nothing wrong with Weigh In Tuesday, but Weigh In Wednesday sounds so much nicer, don’t you think?

For anyone late to the party (that’s right, I’m equating my blog to a party), I weigh myself every two weeks. I find that if I weigh myself more frequently, I start to get a little coo-coo crazy and weigh myself way more often than is healthy, and if I weigh myself less frequently, than I start to lose accountability.

The past two weeks have felt great. Smart, mindful eating, a lot of exercise (despite a bruised rib that’s since almost completely healed), and, or course, I completed a huge fitness challenge.

And, last night, I went to my first class with Richard Simmons in almost a month. I didn’t mean to stay away from Slimmons for so long, but after I injured a foot a few weeks ago, I decided his class, which is very high-impact and unpredictable, wouldn’t be a smart move with a damaged or healing foot. Last night’s class was fantastic. It was great to see Richard and all my Slimmons buddies, had a great workout, sweated up a storm, and my foot felt fine.

Wanna see the results of yesterday’s weigh-in?

Down 1 pound! That’s 163 total pounds that I’ve lost and kept off. Awesome. I like seeing the line go downward after well over a month of it going up or staying flat.

Here’s a couple more photos of my weight loss chart:

In other news, it’s likely that when you read this post, I’ll be 32,000 feet in the air, flying to a whole different part of the country. I’m spending the rest of the week out of town, visiting family and going to a dear friend’s wedding. I’m very excited about the trip, and of course I’m bringing my camera and will have things to share with you all afterward.

Just because I’m traveling doesn’t mean this blog will go unattended… I’ve already planned fantastic posts for Thursday and Friday. You don’t wanna miss them – I’m sharing video from an appearance on national television from almost a decade ago. Yikes.

Also know that just because I’m traveling, it doesn’t mean that I won’t be exercising or eating well! My gym shoes are packed!

Keep it up, David!


One Response to Weigh In Wednesday

  1. Bookbody says:

    Can’t wait to hear about your fitness routine on the road! I can usually get in at least a bit of morning yoga, but I find eating right when I’m traveling is a real challenge.

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