Who Won the Giveaway? WAS IT YOU?

The Big Day Has Arrived!

In total, there were 911 entries in my Edible Arrangements giveawayNINE HUNDRED AND ELEVEN! That’s a lot of entries! That’s hundreds and hundreds more than I was ever expecting! I guess a lot of people really like Edible Arrangements, and I don’t blame them. I do too!

So which one of those 911 blog comments is the winning one? I used random.org to pick a winner. First, I plugged in the parameters: I wanted a random number between 1 and 911.

Then, I clicked on that “Generate” button, and here’s the random number that was generated for me:


So who had the 788th comments? One-handed drum roll, please…

The 788th comment belonged to… RANDI MARIE SIMPSON!

Let’s see Randi’s winning entry, shall we?

Even though the rules said you could enter up to three times (provided you ‘liked’ and followed Edible Arrangements on Facebook and Twitter), Randi only entered once. And that was all she needed!

LISTEN UP, RANDI! This post went live at 3am PST on Friday, April 27th, and you have 24 hours (until 3am PST on Saturday, April 28th) to send me an email at keepitupdavid@gmail.com to claim your prize. Remember how, when you left the comment, you had to provide an email address? You gotta email me from that address (which I can see but no one else can) so I know it’s you and not an imposter!

I’ll reply to your email, confirming that it was received, and I’ll introduce you to the folks at Edible Arrangements, who will help you claim the prize.

If I don’t get an email by 3am on Saturday, than I’m picking another number and someone else will win your fresh fruit bouquet from Edible Arrangements! And you don’t want that to happen!

Congrats, Randi! I hope you enjoy the prize and I hope your mom likes it too!

A big thanks to everyone that entered – I know that a lot of you were first-time visitors to Keep It Up, David, and I hope you stop by again! I got a lot to say, and I’m not afraid to say it!

Keep it up, David!


8 Responses to Who Won the Giveaway? WAS IT YOU?

  1. Ellie Wing says:

    Great contest! Congrats Randi! As for David…keepitupdavid.wordpress.com is definitely one of my FAVORITE recipe sites now! Hooray for eating healthy!!! :~D

  2. Congratulations Randi! If I couldn’t win, at least it was someone with the same name (even though it isn’t the same spelling). 🙂 Thanks David for having the contest and thanks Edible Arrangements for sponsoring it!

  3. Kenlie says:

    Congrats to Randi! This was a great giveaway! Keep ’em coming, and keep it up, David!

  4. Linda Nevis says:

    Congratulations Randi!!! @David, please let us know if she emails you for the prize. That is difinately not a prize that I would want tours out on. Keep up the good work David!!!

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