As I’ve already announced on Facebook and Twitter, tomorrow is going to be a BIG DAY – I’m announcing the biggest giveaway ever in Keep It Up, David history! Be sure to come back tomorrow to check it out and enter!


Yesterday was supposed to be the big day. My 163-story stair climb had been scheduled for yesterday, until I had to postpone it due to an injury (it will now happen on 5/5/12). I ended up laying low for most of the day – I was a little depressed about the whole thing, to be honest – but there was another reason I laid low: I was sore. Terribly sore. Wonderfully sore. Extraordinarily sore.

When I woke up on Tuesday morning, barely able to walk on my left foot, I knew immediately I couldn’t work out on it. I suspended my training immediately and spent two days elevating and icing my foot. But I didn’t abandon working out altogether – I still went to the gym on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and completed three difficult upper-body weightlifting workouts, all of it seated, without any weight or pressure on my foot. And I pushed myself. I ended up benching more than I ever have before (3 sets of 10 reps with 115 pounds), and did all sorts of exercises targeting my chest, back, abs, shoulders, and arms. On the third day, I added in some leg work, although I was careful to only use machines that didn’t require pressure on my feet.

Friday ended up being an unplanned rest day. On Saturday morning, I woke up more sore than I can ever remember being. Sore throughout my entire upper body and thighs. Meanwhile, my foot felt fine. No pain at all. I’m smart enough to know that the absence of pain doesn’t mean my foot is completely healed, but I took the soreness as a sign that my body wasn’t ready for cardio yet, so Saturday ended up being a rest day too.

It’s been a while since I’ve had two rest days in a row (and three rest days in a week, as the previous Sunday had been a planned rest day as well), but it doesn’t bother me. And the soreness is gone today, so I’ll be back at the gym, hitting some more weights, and possibly trying out some light, no-impact cardio (I’m thinking exercise bike) to see how that feels.

Now that I’ve postponed my stair climb, you all get to hear me counting down to it again: It’s less than two weeks away! Have you donated yet? The money helps children!

Keep it up, David!


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  1. I’m glad your foot is getting better though!

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