March 2012 Progress Report

I’d like to start with a big thank you to everyone that reached out regarding yesterday’s post. Based on my through-the-roof blog hits, I’ve learned that people are quite interested in reading about plastic surgery, and I appreciate all the comments here, and through Facebook, Twitter, and email. If you missed the post, click here – it’s about the consultation I had with a plastic surgeon, and whether or not I’m ready (physically, mentally, and emotionally) for a tummy tuck.

Since it’s a new month, it’s time for my monthly exercise progress report! I do these at the beginning of each month (check out February, January and my ginormous 2011 Year-End Report). Every workout I complete gets noted in my calendar, and once a month, those notes get turned into facts and figures, because I just love facts and figures!

Here’s my March calendar:

  • A dot = a workout (with notes that remind me of what the workout was).
  • A circle around the dot = a class at Slimmons.
  • A triangle around a dot = a different type of class (this month, it was a spin class).
  • Since I use this calendar for everything, I blurred out other information that doesn’t pertain to my exercise.

March was an excellent month for me, exercise-wise, and I have my own birthday to thank. It was on my birthday that I decided to challenge myself with two big stair climbs, and training for those stair climbs fueled me all month long. I set personal StairMaster records twice (climbing the equivalent of the Willis Tower, and then, two weeks later, climbing the equivalent of the Abraj Al Bait in Saudi Arabia). March ended with the first of those two stair climbs – I ascended the 63-story Aon Center in just over 15 minutes! – but I won’t take a rest from the StairMaster until I complete my second challenge in a few weeks (it’s a fundraiser – click here to learn all about it!)

In total, I worked out on 27 of the 31 days in March – a 87% success rate! I’ve only reached a percentage that high once before, in January 2011 (the first month I started tracking my workouts), so I’m thrilled to have tied my record! Some additional figures: Five of those 27 workouts were Richard Simmons’ classes at Slimmons. I also took a spin class during my whirlwind trip to Illinois. Lastly, 14 of those workouts had an emphasis on weightlifting (I wish that number was a bit higher, but I’m nitpicking).

Here’s March compared with the 5 prior months:

  • October 2011:  Worked out 23 out of 31 days (74%), including 3 classes at Slimmons. 11 workouts had a weightlifting focus.
  • November 2011: Worked out 23 out of 30 days (76%), including 6 classes at Slimmons. 9 workouts had a weightlifting focus.
  • December 2011: Worked out 23 out of 31 days (74%), including 5 classes at Slimmons. 15 workouts had a weightlifting focus.
  • January 2012: Worked out 26 out of 31 days (83%), including 7 classes at Slimmons, and 1 class at Crunch. 12 workouts had a weightlifting focus.
  • February 2012: Worked out 23 out of 29 days (79%), including 4 classes at Slimmons, and 1 yoga class. 13 workouts had a weightlifting focus.
  • March 2012: Worked out 27 out of 31 days (87%), including 5 classes at Slimmons and 1 spin class. 14 workouts had a weightlifting focus.

So far in 2012, I’ve exercised 76 out of 91 days (83.5%), including 16 classes at Slimmons.
My ultimate goal for 2012 is to work out more times than I did in 2011, and now that the year is one-quarter gone (shocking, huh?), I went back and calculated that in the first quarter of 2011, I worked out 75 out of 90 days (83.3%) – so I’m reaching my goal (by two-tenths of a percentage point)! Woo-hoo!

Keep it up, David!


One Response to March 2012 Progress Report

  1. Matt says:

    My monthly report: FOUR TIMES in March. Most of those were in the first half of the month. Boy am I negligent.

    (Seven times in February; seven in January; five in December. You are a machine.)

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