The title of this post sounds like it might be a slogan for a kid’s bookstore or reading program, but actually, it represents a major milestone in my Skyscraper Collection.

My Skyscraper Collection began as a tool to motivate me to use the StairMaster, which I dreaded. The idea was simple – I’m an architecture lover, so I decided to find a skyscraper somewhere on the planet equivalent to the number of stories I climbed during a StairMaster workout. The idea has worked like a charm – today I’m adding my 29th skyscraper to my collection (see the entire collection here), and this whole idea has led to two major StairMaster-related fundraising events – the first of which is happening a week from today – YIKES! Click here to read about the challenges and learn how to donate.

Today I hopped on the StairMaster without any big goals. My last StairMaster workout, at the beginning of the week, was a major triumph – I shattered all my previous personal bests – and I’ve had great non-StairMaster workouts all week, so this time, I took it easier than normal.

“Easier than normal” still equaled some impressive stats. I climbed for 18 minutes, burned 290 calories, and reached 76 stories. As I drove home, I realized how my training for the aforementioned fundraisers has really amped up my StairMaster standards. Three months ago, climbing 76 stories would have been a major accomplishment – a 76-story building would be the third-highest skyscraper in my collection. But, in the past 3 months, I’ve climbednine towers with more than 76 stories. In fact, 76 stories is just a few stories above myaverage number of stories per workout, which currently stands at 71 stories.

If you had told me a year ago that an “easier than normal” StairMaster workout would result in 76 stories climbed, I would’ve laughed. That’s the difference that three months makes. And that’s something to be proud of.

Anyhoo, time t0 add another skyscraper to the collection! Today’s skyscraper is a record-holder. It’s the tallest building in Russia and the tallest building in all of Europe – although it will lose that title in a few months, when The Shard at London Bridge opens – it’s 9 meters taller, but has 4 fewer floors. The Shard, in turn, will only hold the title until the end of the year, when the Mercury City Tower in Moscow opens – it’s 22 meters taller than The Shard, but has 2 fewer floors. The lesson is that the buildings are getting taller in Europe, but the floor count isn’t!

Say hello to the 76-story Moscow Tower!

Moscow Tower is on the right – it’s part of a huge complex called Capital City, which includes the St. Petersburg tower to the left, as well as a number of shorter buildings. I love that both the Moscow and St. Petersburg towers have a precarious design – they look like blocks that could topple at any moment!

What’s MOST EXCITING about the addition of the Moscow Tower to my Skyscraper Collection is that those 76 stories, when added to the stories of the other 28 buildings in my collection, push my CUMULATIVE FLOOR COUNT TO OVER 2,000! The total count is now 2,058 – and that’s a helluva lot of stories! (I list other fun cumulative stats at the bottom of my Skyscraper Collection page.)


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