WHOA! Another Big Announcement!

I had a wonderful birthday. I got a ton of greetings yesterday over phone, text, email, and it made me feel loved. I hung out with some really great friends, and my day ended at a club in Silver Lake, listening to my friend Mike play bass in a fantastic Little Richard cover band named Big Dick.

My sister Laura wins the prize for most colorful gift – she sent me an Edible Arrangement that arrived at 11am:

and looked like this at 11:10am:

That’s some deliciously arranged (and delicious) fruit right there!

It was also a wonderful birthday because this you guys really stepped up to the plate, and quickly! In yesterday’s post, I announced that I’m challenging myself by participating in the American Lung Association’s Fight For Air Climb 2012 – an event that will have me climbing all 63 stories of the Aon Center in downtown Los Angeles. I’m terribly excited – the big day is March 31st, and it will be my first tower climb. There’s a fundraising component to the event, and I asked if you would considering chipping in and helping me raise 100 smackeroos for the ALA.

Thanks to some very generous readers who opened their wallets, I reached my fundraising goal by lunchtime. Seriously. It took a matter of hours. As I type this, you guys have contributed $120. Amazing.

I was so excited that last night, I increased my goal. I gotta take advantage of this momentum! Since the $100 threshold has already been shattered, I bumped it up to $200. Now I’m $80 short – so can you contribute $5 or $10? Check out my donation page, which you can FIND HERE. (Some of you were saying yesterday that the link wasn’t working, or that the website wasn’t processing your donation… and I don’t know what to say about that, except to try again – it’s working for me!)

But that’s not all. I had a very interesting conversation with my friend Matthew. He and his wife, Maggie, are really excited about the second challenge I issued myself yesterday – the one where I committed to climbing, on a StairMaster, the equivalent of the tallest building in the world: the 163-story (!) Burj Khalifa in Dubai. This challenge is gonna be tough – I start sweating just thinking about it.

Matthew and Maggie offered $25 each to the charity of my choice in motivate me to reach my goal. That’s $50 bucks, out of the blue! Holy crap – thanks Matthew and Maggie!  It occurred to me that some of you might be also be interested in supporting my Burj Khalifa challenge, so I’m creating a second fundraising effort. I haven’t set a date yet, but I plan on reaching this goal in April, and I’d like to raise some money for an organization that’s near and dear to my heart.

The Whaley Children’s Center in Flint, Michigan is an amazing organization. For almost 90 years, they’ve been dedicated to working with neglected and at-risk children and teens – giving kids a supportive environment to learn and prosper, providing a safe place for them to live when they have nowhere else to go, advocating for them in the community and court systems, and laying the foundation for them to live happy, successful lives. My friend Lynn (who’s practically a sister, I grew up with her), worked at Whaley for many years, and once she started telling me about how Whaley quite literally changes young lives, I knew it was a special place. Here’s their website.

Here’s the plan. I’m thinking BIG. I’d like to raise $489 for Whaley. It may seem like an odd number, but it works out to $3 for each of the 163 floors in the Burj Khalifa. That way, for every $3 you donate, you’re essentially sponsoring one floor that I’ll climb. Three dollars brings me one floor closer to the top of the world. $6 brings me 2 floors higher. $9 = 3 floors; $15 = 5 floors; $30 = 10 floors;, and so on. Matthew and Maggie’s $50 means the first 16 stories are covered (and if they bump their donation up to $51, the 17th floor would be covered as well).

I’m going to follow Matthew and Maggie’s lead and donate $51 myself, to get things started. Donating is easy – I set up a fundraising page at Crowdrise, the charitable giving website co-founded by Academy-Award nominated actor/former Incredible Hulk/general bad-ass Edward Norton. Click here to check it out and make a donation. Crowdrise is built around the idea that small donations can add up and make a real difference, so if you’re only able to give $3 or $6, don’t sweat it. Every bit counts. [UPDATE: I just learned Crowdwise has a minimum donation of $10 – sorry about that!]

And that, folks, is how, in the short span of two days, I launched two big fitness-based fundraising initiatives. Here are the links one more time – you can copy and paste them into tweets/status updates/emails to everyone you’ve ever met!

You wanna know the best part about all this? It’s so incredibly motivating. I was excited about both these challenges to begin with, but the thought that the two of them combined can raise nearly $700 (or more?) for two great causes… well, it makes my heart race. I’m so flattered and honored that you’re willing to give your hard-earned money just because I asked, and now, I gotta hold up my end of the bargain. I can’t let you down. I can’t let the kids at Whaley down. I can’t let all those… um… lungs down. I have a job to do – I’m climbing 263 stories for charity. And I’m gonna do it. And I’m gonna kick ass and take names in the process. Just you wait and see.


2 Responses to WHOA! Another Big Announcement!

  1. Leslie says:

    You’re $100 closer with your partnership with ALA 🙂 Happy Birthday David and Keep it Up! You ARE an inspiration to many!

  2. chauncyrenay says:

    This is amazing! What a great idea! I will definitely donate a little something to each of these. =)

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