Eleven Random Things…

…and a bunch of silly questions.

Remember those email chain letter forwards you used to get, where you were supposed to answer all sorts of questions and then forward them to all your friends?

Yeah, I never participated in them either. But unfortunately they still exist, and there’s one currently circulating amongst bloggers, and in the past 24 hours I’ve been tagged twice. Imagine my excitement!

My gut instinct is to ignore and walk away while whistling innocently, but I’m not going to, for two reasons: 1) Participating could be a good way for readers (like you!) to learn more about me (and if that doesn’t make you a hit at cocktail parties, I don’t know what will), and 2) The two guys that tagged me, Scott (who blogs at Your Inner Skinny) and Steve (who blogs at Running on Awesome) are both good Twitter friends and dudes I admire, and I don’t want to be a party pooper.

Here’s how it works. First, I share Eleven Random Things about Myself:

  1. I have all 50 state quarters.
  2. When I was a teenager, I met Dr. Jack Kervorkian, and learned that he had spent lots of time in my house. He was good friends with the people who lived there before us!
  3. I hate the word ‘yummy.’ I’ve never used it in this blog, and never will. When readers use it in a comment on one of my food-related posts, I appreciate their enthusiastic reaction, but cringe a little on the inside.
  4. My preferred method of M&M consumption is to empty a bag on a table and sort them by color before eating any of them.
  5. I’m not a fan of tucking my shirt into my pants, although that’s slowly changing.
  6. In college, I wrote a weekly email newsletter about my then-favorite show, “The Simpsons.” It grew to have over 5,000 subscribers, in every state and 50 countries.
  7. I used to have a pet ferret and a pet betta fish, until the ferret murdered the betta when I wasn’t in the room.
  8. I’m good at predicting the Oscars. On Sunday, I won $90 in an Oscar pool, and a few years ago I won $300.
  9. I love strawberries, and I love cake, but don’t care for strawberry shortcake.
  10. I think watching snakes eat is absolutely riveting. I’d love the ability to unhinge my jaw, although I have no idea how it could benefit me.
  11. My very first career aspiration, when I was a toddler, was to be a mommy, because mommies went grocery shopping, and I LOVED grocery shopping (and I still do!).

Am I fascinating, or what? Next up, Answering Questions from Scott:

  1. What’s the worst pick up line you’ve heard? “Pardon me, do you have any raisins? No? How about a date?” Thankfully, it wasn’t used on me.
  2. What’s the worst pick up line you’ve used? All mine are gems.
  3. Where do you see yourself in five years? I don’t have a 5-year plan right now, and it’s simultaneously terrifying and exciting.
  4. Do you pick your nose? Yep. So do you.
  5. How awesome am I? You’re pretty awesome, although your tagging me with this game is making me reconsider…
  6. Who is someone you admire greatly? This is a long list, but the first person to come to mind is my friend Katherine. She’s brave, intelligent, poised, hilarious, and I’m lucky to have her in my life.
  7. Do you think that Tony the Tiger is sexy? He’s sexier than Cap’n Crunch, but not as sexy as the Brawny paper towel dude.
  8. Favorite place to eat? Hugo’s in Studio City, CA; or a chipati at Pizza House in Ann Arbor, MI.
  9. David Hasselhoff or Tom Selleck? I met Tom Selleck, briefly, so he gets my vote.
  10. What is the furthest you have traveled from home? Sweden.
  11. Do you like me? Sure do!

And now, Questions from Steve:

  1. What is something that you have done, or would like to do, that most would consider to be out of character for you? Haven’t done it yet, but I’m considering rocking a mohawk of some kind.
  2. What is your favorite movie? I have a top 5, and I can’t narrow it down beyond that: “Edward Scissorhands,” “Fargo,” “Paper Moon,” “Babe,” and “Marvin’s Room.”
  3. What is a fitnessy/athletic/sporty type thing that you’d like to try, but haven’t yet? Dog Sledding. It’s not that popular in southern California for some reason.
  4. If you won a million dollars today, what is the first thing you would buy that costs less than $10,000? A new TV.
  5. If you won a million dollars today, what is the first thing you would buy that costs over $100,000? I’d pay off the rest of my mortgage.
  6. Do you prefer beer, wine, or liquor? I drink very rarely nowadays, but I prefer white wine and liquor.
  7. Favorite restaurant? See above.
  8. Favorite thing to order from said restaurant? See above.
  9. What is the first song in your iTunes (or whatever you use) “Top 25 Most Played” playlist? “Push That Knot Away” by KT Tunstall.
  10. What was your first cell phone? A big ol’ Samsung dealie that I got in 1998/1999.
  11. Favorite quote? RuPaul: “What other people think of me is none of my business.”

Ok, I just spent waaaaaay too much time answering those questions. There are rules to this whole thing, and I’m supposed to tag eleven people and give them eleven questions to answer, but screw it. I’ve had enough. I’m going to open this up to everyone. If you’d like to share eleven random things about yourself (or just one or two), or answer Scott or Steve’s questions, than go for it! You can do it in the comments section, or you can do it on your own blog or Facebook page (or G+ page, if that’s your social network of choice), and post a link to it in the comments section here. Knock yourself out!

Time for me to do some laundry. I’ve been on a good exercise streak lately, and I’m completely out of clean workout clothes. That’s a good problem to have!

Keep it up, David!


8 Responses to Eleven Random Things…

  1. Diandra says:

    Now I’d just love to know your “pick up gems”… ^^

  2. This post is yumalicious, yumtacular even! 😀

  3. Don’t lie. You answered my questions out of shear fear of me coming down there an whoopin’ yo ace…

    PS… YUMMY!

  4. Arlene Hittle says:

    I sort my M&Ms by color, too. I eat the brown ones first, and end up with the red and green ones (my two favorites).

    I remember being bummed when red M&Ms were discontinued and super-excited when they came back later … presumably no longer containing that deadly red dye No. 5 (or whatever caused their disappearance in the first place).

  5. I immediately ran to my blog to see if I’ve ever used the word yummy.

    Only very infrequently, and only in reference to ice cream (though I don’t know why.)

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