This is gonna be short and sweet today, kiddies, because I have a few more presents to buy and a gym to go hit (and hit hard). So, just two quick ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures.

I’m feeling good today. I had a lot of fun with good friends at a holiday party last night, and I woke up this morning for the first time in about five days without cursing the fact that I was sick. My fingers are crossed, but I think I may be done with this second nasty flu/cold/whatever that I’ve battled. I’m also feeling good because I got me a brand new haircut – and haircuts always make me feel good.

Before the haircut:

And after:

Haircut executed, as always, by Heather at Glendale Salon Spa – she always does a great job. I got the haircut on Friday, and it’s a teeny-tiny bit short at the moment, but that’s exactly what I asked for, because haircuts always look best after about a week, and in a week is… Christmas! It’s all about timing.

Keep it up, David!


One Response to Haircut!

  1. Christina Georgievski says:

    Thanks for this we live in Glendale and I am calling them now for my fiancee hope she’s as good as your pics for him 🙂 He needs a haircut and his stylist isn’t available till next week!

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