I’ve Been a Little Quiet This Week…

…and that’s because I’m sick. Again. I was just sick about a month ago, with a terrible sore throat that lasted well over a week, and now I’m sick again. Sore throat, sneezing, runny nose, yuck.

I’m sick of being sick.

The timing is good, in the sense that I just loaded up at the store the other day, so there’s plenty of healthy food in my house and I’m eating it. And drinking lots of fluid, and taking lots of Vitamin C, and getting lots of rest, and self-medicating with lots of DayQuil and NyQuil (depending on the hour). I didn’t work out yesterday, and, as of right now, I don’t think I’ll work out today, either. I’ll just focus on the hours of mindless entertainment that my TiVo has saved for me. And I’ll focus on getting better.

Keep it up, David.

7 Responses to I’ve Been a Little Quiet This Week…

  1. auntiekim says:

    Hope you’re back on your feet soon

  2. Jenny Dahl says:

    Get well, you! We miss you.

  3. TC says:

    Feel better, you still inspire me on to still make healthy choices, I’ve been kind of slacking off and now need to make changes again. Thanks for the post and again feel better.

  4. Nurse Karen says:

    Prayers of Healing, Love, & Light sent your way…I’m glad you’re taking care of You!If you feel like it, Watch some comedy, laughing boosts the immune system…this bit {link below} had me howling, kind of bawdy, though…xoxo~ http://youtu.be/fL6wbsGx9qw

  5. Ryan says:

    Hope you’re feeling better! Keep eating that good food and gettin’ your rest…

  6. Sarah Van Houten says:

    hope you feel better!

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