My Scale is on the Move!

My scale is on the move, and I’m not referring to the numbers that I see when I step on it. What I mean is that my scale is physically in a totally new place.

For the longest time, my scale had a comfortable home on the floor of my bathroom:

Then, a couple months ago, I caught myself becoming a little too obsessed with weighing myself. I was stepping on the scale every single day, sometimes multiple times a day, and in an effort to put some distance between me and my scale, I found a new home for my scale, on the top shelf of my closet:

See it? Tucked in amongst my shoes?

My scale had a good long run in my closet. Once a week I would pull it down, move it into the bathroom, have my weigh-in, and return it to my closet shelf.

Lately, though, I’ve found myself becoming obsessed with the scale again. I’ve been holding steady, weight-wise, for the past few weeks, and I’m working hard to get back to my all-time low, which is four pounds less than I currently weigh. I’ve had great workouts over the past few days, and have eaten well, too, and have found myself getting fixated on the scale. I think I must have weighed myself 6 or 7 times over the past few days, and that’s out of control. Everyone’s weight fluctuates up and down a few pounds over the course of the day, and I caught myself over-analyzing these little fluctuations, weighing myself after bowel movements, justifying little gains and losses…

…and none of that is healthy. It’s all mental mind tricks, and I need to squash it. That my scale was out of my bathroom made no difference, either – I was happy to pull it off the shelf multiple times a day, use it, and return it.

So now I need to find a new home for the scale, one even more removed from the bathroom. And I think I found the perfect solution. The first thing I did was put the scale in a box:

And the box went into the trunk of my car.

My car lives in the parking garage in my building, a full flight of stairs away.

Now, in order to weigh myself, I’ll have to come all the way down to the garage to get my scale, and bring it all the way up back into my bathroom. I won’t be tempted to weigh myself in my garage because I like to weigh myself naked, and, well, I’m not stripping down in public!

My normal weigh-ins are on Tuesdays, but since I moved my scale to my trunk yesterday, I’m going to give this whole system a go and skip my official weigh-in this week. In fact, since I need to refocus on my attitude and stay focused on my eating and exercise, I don’t think I’ll weigh myself again until 2012. Since I’m leaving town in about a week for the holidays, that’s not a big stretch anyway. I love my weight loss chart, and l love updating it, but I can’t let the numbers run my life. Nothing is gonna run my life but me.

Keep it up, David!

5 Responses to My Scale is on the Move!

  1. Matt says:

    At first I read this quickly and I thought the ending said, “I can’t let the numbers ruin my life. Nothing is gonna ruin my life but me.”

    And I laughed at your macabre sense of humor. Whoops. 🙂

  2. Christina Georgievski says:

    HI David!! I feel the exact same way and I think I will do the same with my scale so that it won’t effect me anymore either until 2012 that is!! Thanks for the rebuff we are definitely in the same boat!!!

  3. ragemichelle says:

    I think you are very wise….

    The scale can be quite an anchor

  4. MO says:

    Getting ready to have my son hide my scale for me – he is gone most weekends, so will be too time consuming to go look for it with no success!! Hope you are successful with keeping the scale in the car!!


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