Push That WHAT Away?

It’s Friday. The weekend is right around the corner. Do you have some killer workouts planned? Are you gonna hit the gym, go for a bike ride, or go mall-walking? Do you need some new music to help you get through your exercise?

As we head into this fourth-to-last weekend of 2011, I thought I’d share the music that’s been getting me pumped lately. There’s an album that I’ve absolutely fallen in love with over the past few weeks – and “in love” might be an understatement: I’ve listened to it nearly nonstop since I bought it in mid-November. You know how iTunes counts how many times you listen to songs? Well, I’ve listened to a couple songs on this album over 60 times already. It’s ridiculous how much I love this album.

The album is called Tiger Suit, and it’s by KT Tunstall, a Scottish singer-songwriter. Perhaps you’re familiar with her: she had a big hit in 2005 with her Grammy-nominated song “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree,” and in 2006, her hit “Suddenly I See” was the girl power anthem of the year, appearing in The Devil Wears Prada, the very first episode of Ugly Betty, and, two years later, during events for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

I’ve been a KT fan since the beginning. I own her first two albums, but for some reason, it took me over a whole year to purchase Tiger Suit, which originally came out in September 2010. I finally downloaded it last month and started listening incessantly, and the first track to stick in my head was the third one on the album. I listened to it a number of times, and found it to be a great workout song – it has a great driving beat and a positive message about staying positive. After a few listens, I was certain the song was called “Push That Thought Away” – and the title and lyric resonated. I can be really good at harboring negative thoughts, and no one is as hard on me as I am on myself (two things I’m trying to change), and the idea that you can just push that thought away… well, it’s a simple thought, but a powerful one, and one that I’ve found helpful to reinforce during my workouts.

Except… that’s not the lyric. I heard wrong. The song is called “Push That Knot Away.” The positive message of the song isn’t affected, but the word “thought” is now burned in my head. Listen for yourself. Doesn’t it sound like she’s saying “thought” half the time? Here’s the music video:

The whole album is wonderful, but there’s a few other songs that have wormed their way onto my workout playlist: “Uummannaq Song” (about a town in Greenland, watch her perform it with a looper and a two-string guitar here); “Fade Like a Shadow” (which she performed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show), and “Come On, Get In” (which also has a positive message; listen to it here).

You can purchase Tiger Suit on Amazon or iTunes.

What songs help you power through your workouts? Share in the comments section – I’m always on the prowl for new music. You can also read this post about “Open Your Eyes” – another song that I play during my workouts that really hits home.

I haven’t figured out what my weekend workouts will be quite yet – but the plan is to exercise on both Saturday and Sunday. You should too!

Keep it up, David!


4 Responses to Push That WHAT Away?

  1. Bella says:

    I loved her previous hits, and I’m always on the lookout for upbeat, workout-worthy tunes, so thanks for sharing this review.

  2. Lucie says:

    Love K.T. Tunstall. Took a vacation in Traverse City a couple of years ago & got tickets to see her & 2 other concerts in the same week at the last minute. Saw her at the open air theatre at Interlochen: (Bonnie Raitt & Billy Bob Thornton were the other two). Of the three Billy Bob was the best–turns out he was a musician before an actor–who knew? And since it was a performing arts academy he did a question & answer after intermission (which he says he never does, he says his likes to keep his music & his acting separate. Turns out his favorites actress are: Angelina Jolie (of course), Cate Blanchett, & forgot the 3rd one. He was utterly charming & so charismatic!

  3. Heather says:

    You can also buy the album on – you guessed it – Google music!! I just purchased it there (thanks for the rec!!) and then I shared it to my Google + here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/109447849655350232737/posts/cYHLEmhH3UP

    That means that everyone in my circles get a full free play of the whole album. And anyone else can hear a sample of each.

    Tee hee. 🙂

    But seriously, I love KT Tunstall. Her album with “Suddenly I See” (I forgot the name of the album) is really one of my faves and I’ve listened to each song a billion times. It really reminds me of a time and a place, if you know what I mean…

  4. Vicky says:

    Wow what an album. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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