Chart Update & Eating On The Go

Yesterday was Tuesday. Weigh-in day! I had what I thought was a good week, but lately it’s seemed like that’s made no difference when it comes to my scale. I’ve posted a gain during three of my last four weigh-ins (I’m a total of 5 pounds above my all-time low), and I’m ready and have been trying to turn this ship around. If you’ve ever driven a watercraft (which I have), you’ll know they don’t turn easily, or quickly. I’m hoping my turnaround will be speedier than that of a ship. To use a sailing term, it’s time to “come about.”

So I stepped on the scale, then updated my weight chart:

I stayed even. I’m still at 237 pounds, which is a loss of 165 pounds.

The whole chart:

I was happy with not gaining or losing. I’m writing this some 14 hours after the weigh-in, and I’m still happy with this. There were no gain-induced binges. I don’t feel compelled to manipulate the image so it looks like a loss. I feel a little like a paramedic arriving at the scene of a trauma: the first step towards getting someone well again is to stop the hemorrhaging and stabilize the patient. This week, I was stable. I ate well, exercised a lot, and I’ve felt good about myself, too – which is equally important.

I’m also reminded by something my friend Gerri told me a few months ago. Gerri (I’m not even sure if I’m spelling it right, I’ve never seen it written down) is an octogenarian and a regular at Slimmons most days of the week. I see her at nearly every one of Richard Simmons’ classes, and she dances and has a great time, and always has a big smile on her face. Earlier this year, during a similar week where I stayed even, she told me: “You know, David, when you’ve gotten as far as you’ve gotten, not gaining is a loss.” And she’s right.

Earlier this evening (I’m writing this late Tuesday night) I took one of Richard’s classes at Slimmons, and it was fantastic. I wore my new shoes for the first time, and they’re very supportive and comfortable, and it wasn’t too crowded. Class on Tuesday nights starts at 6:30, and at 4:30, I found myself in a predicament. I was getting hungry, and knew I needed to eat something before going to class. I was running errands, and I was one of those situations where if I went home, I’d be able to spend 5 minutes there before turning around and getting back in the car. Plus, I had brought workout clothes with me, just in case, so I didn’t need to go home. On the other hand, if I went straight to Slimmons, I’d get there 90 minutes early.

I decided to drive to Beverly Hills and find something to eat there, so I could beat some of the rush hour traffic. I ended up at the Whole Foods that’s 6 or 7 blocks from Slimmons, wandering the aisles looking for something that would fill me up, but not sit like a brick in my stomach. Here’s what I ended up with, and it involves… oddly-colored vegetables!

I carton of washed and ready-to-eat celery sticks and baby carrots, including yellow baby carrots! This is the first time I’ve seen yellow baby carrots – although I’ve eaten their grown-up relatives. And since most baby carrots are not babies at all (they’re actually oddly-shaped full-sized carrots that get chopped up, peeled, and tumbled), it doesn’t surprise me that yellow carrots can also come in baby sizes.

In the back of the photo, you can see a smaller container full of different types of berries, and at the bottom of the photo, you can see part of the 1-liter bottle of sparkling water I bought. Three hard-boiled eggs from the salad bar, which I ate before I remembered to take a photo, rounded out my purchase, although I only ate one of the yolks. I ate all the fruit and veggies, and it hit the spot, although I wish I’d thought to grab a little dressing of some sort at the salad bar, for veggie-dipping purposes.

I still arrived at Slimmons a good hour before class started, but I ate in my car, and played iPhone games, and the time passed like that (imagine me snapping).

Keep it up, David!

3 Responses to Chart Update & Eating On The Go

  1. Nurse Karen says:

    I love that you appreciate Gerry. I love that you are staying faithful to being good to yourself. That is showing moderation and balance. I am so Proud of You, David! Gerry is very wise, and has a wealth of common sense. I love all of her wisdom sayings. She tells me, “Always Eat Dessert!”, “Always Exercise!”. She has maintained her same weight for all her life, except during her pregnancies. She beat breast cancer. She began with Jack LaLanne, then Jane Fonda, then when her daughter’s friend gave Richard a start as a waiter and later he opened his exercise studio, Gerry was one of Slimmons first members. She has survived great losses, yet retains a Positive mindset. What a wonderful role model she is!! She is interested in everything and truly cares. She Loves deeply and with Fidelity. She is spiritual, attends Temple. She is a True Friend. She chooses foods wisely, and when she does indulge in a treat, she just keeps up her exercise routine. She does SOMEthing seven days a week. On the days she does not get to come to Slimmons, she will walk up and down stairs, and do stretches. When we were working together on making her Christmas card photos, she got on the floor -with ease- to find more envelopes! In spite of severe foot problems such as hammertoes, she makes herself be active. She will be ninety years young in January. The foods she chooses are usually berries, yogurt, lean protein such as egg white-veggie omelets, grilled shrimp, chicken, salmon, chopped salads {especially the ones from Maggiano’s Little Italy at The Grove–those are so Yummy!}, broth-based soups, and for a snack, she enjoys shelled walnuts & pistachios. She rarely eats bread. If she does, she enjoys a warm crusty piece with one pat of real butter, as a treat with a soup or salad for lunch. She does not use alcohol but very rarely. I have never seen her drink soda, she prefers water. Sometimes she has cottage cheese & fruit. I buy her the fresh organic nuts from Whole Foods Market, and they are delicious. Once a month or so, she will enjoy some real full-fat ice cream, or the traditional apples-dipped-in-honey, like at her Jewish after-feast celebration. She told me life was meant to be enjoyed. Then she will say “”To life, to life, l’chai-im, l’chaim, l’chaim to Life !” I love her. She is such a Bright Blessing to us and to Slimmons. I told Richard he should have made her the Ambassador of Slimmons as she was the first one to greet me, –so many other first-timers, too–made me feel so Welcomed, when I first attended back in 2009. Our Elders often go unremarked in this hurry-up-youth-oriented society, and we would be much happier if we listened to those who have healthy, balanced, common-sense experience. I am so happy you show her Honor. You are an Awesome person, David!!!

  2. Hi David – I love this picture, it just shows that you can eat healthy and not have to go to fast food to get a quick meal!! I always forget about running into a Trader Joe’s or other stores for a quick meal or snack versus drive thru! You are such a inspiration!!!


  3. Janet says:

    David, Gerry is so right, you have come such a long way. I believe, saying that not gaining is a loss, is absolutely true. Considering your determination I am sure that the scale will eventually move into your desired direction again. You are doing great. 😉

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