Running Update and Produce Haul

Let’s talk running first, and produce second.

1) Running. I’m a little behind on updating this blog about my running. It’s been a week since I last wrote about running (at the end of this post), and during that week, I’ve gone running three times. Three times! I’m in training, after all – my first 10K is a week from Sunday, and I’m getting excited! You can read about the race here, and since there’s a fundraising element, it would ever so lovely if you could make a contribution. I’m running to support weSPARK, which provides support to cancer patients and their families. As I type this, I’m about halfway to my fundraising goal, so click here and chip in a few bucks, if you can! Every dollar counts!

Back to my runs: On Friday, October 28th, I went for a run that lasted 53 minutes, and 5.2 miles. That’s a speed of 5.88 miles per hour!  Then, on Monday, October 31st (Halloween!), I headed out with the intention of running all the way to the closest subway station (a distance of 4.8 miles, round trip), but about 15 minutes into the run, my side cramped up badly, so I switched to walking, turned around, and headed home. Between the walking and the running, I was on the streets for about 45 minutes, but I’m not gonna add this to my running chart.

Last night, I met up with my friend Tiffany, and we went running together. Tiffany is running the 10K with me, and it’s also her first ever race. Tiffany, though, hasn’t run in 10 months, so good for her for tackling something with so little time to prepare! We started at her apartment, walked a few blocks, and started running. We ended up running 43 minutes total. Our route:

That’s 4.7 miles! Tiffany did wonderfully. She took a few super-short breaks (while I jogged in place), but found her second (and third, and fourth) wind. She’ll complete the 10K easily. I calculated our speed for this run, and it came out to be 6.55 mph! That’s over half a mile per hour faster than my fastest run to date! Which means either my calculations are erroneous or Tiffany and I are well-matched to push each other while running!

Next goal: A practice run on some hills. There will be hills at Universal, and I don’t have much experience on hills.

2) Produce. I took Richard Simmons’ class at Slimmon, and afterwards, went about 5 or 6 blocks to the Whole Foods in Beverly Hills. This was my first time in that Whole Foods, and it’s a nice store, and I should know, because I spent entirely too much time wandering every aisle, because I had no idea where anything was. I came home with a boatload of produce. Take a look:

What do we have? Moving clockwise from the lower left corner: bean sprouts, holiday grapes (two bags), two heirloom tomatoes (stacked, one yellow, one purple); baby carrots, a container of pre-sliced celery, a bag of green beans, a tray of broccoli, a bag of kale salad, bananas, red bartlett pears, honeycrisp apples, red bell peppers, and 2 red onions.

I also bought a few more things that really excite me:

It’s the return of the BUDDHA’S HAND! This citrus fruit, which looks like the cross between a lemon and a squid, is one of the most bizarre and interesting items I’ve ever pulled out of the produce section. I bought one last winter when I was in Michigan, and used it a couple of different ways: as an ingredient in a chicken dinner, and I also candied it. This one’s gonna stay in a bowl on my dining table as decoration for a while, since I love looking at it, and I don’t know what I’ll do with it. Yet.

I also bought two of these guys:

The sign said “feijoas,” and that’s a word that I’d never seen before. I do love trying new things, so I bought two, but when I got home, they seemed awfully familiar. Their smell seemed familiar, specifically. I dug through the Keep It Up, David archives and realized that last year, I bought the same fruit at the farmers’ market, where they were called pineapple guava (see my post about them here). So, they’re not a new-to-me fruit at all – but they are tasty, and I’ll enjoy eating them.

Then there’s this guy:

This is a new-to-me type of produce. It’s called a Red Kuri Squash, and I’d never seen one or heard of it before. I love squashes, generally speaking, so I look forward to cracking this one open. I don’t know when I’ll get around to it – the good thing about squash is that they keep for months – but you’ll see the end result once I do!

Keep it up, David!


2 Responses to Running Update and Produce Haul

  1. Lisa says:

    IN NZ where I live we have Feijoa trees growing in the back yard and eat them by the bag full – Yum , people also make feijoa muffins as well – Love all the blogs and the inspiration I get from you.

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