Wrong Way Jones (Chart Update)

Yesterday was my weigh-in. Take a look at my chart!

Looks like a loss to me!

Wait a minute… something looks funny about that picture… is that picture an upside down, mirror image of the chart?

Guilty. Here’s the chart for reals:

Up two more pounds. I’m decidedly much calmer about it this week than I was last week, when I flipped out and binged.  Remember how, last week, I told myself that this bullshit had to stop? Well, it stopped for a few days, and then I got lax about everything. I didn’t work out at all over the weekend. I didn’t eat poorly over the weekend, but I probably could have eaten better, or, at least eaten more appropriately-sized portions.

Those two pounds are not a surprise.

I’m trying to stay on program but it’s tough. I’m lacking in motivation. I’m still trying to eat well and exercise, but none of it is exciting me. I’ve been opening my fridge and sighing lately, instead of getting excited about what I could make. Working out has become a chore.

Yesterday I took my first class at Slimmons in about two weeks, and the class was fun and more difficult than normal, so that was helpful. Richard ended the class by reminding us of this:

“We’re here to take care of each other, and be kind to each other, and to take care of ourselves, and be kind to ourselves. Everything else is just icing.”

That is what’s important, isn’t it? Of those four goals, the last one has always been the toughest for me. So today, I’m going to try to squash every negative thought I have about myself. I’m not going to think about those two pounds and conclude that I’m any less of a person or any kind of failure. I’ve lost 165 pounds, goddamnit. Two pounds is nothing. NOTHING.

Time to shoot off some emails and then go to the gym.

Keep it up, David.


10 Responses to Wrong Way Jones (Chart Update)

  1. Amy says:

    Keep it up David!!!! you can do it!

  2. No $hit!! 2 pounds can’t shake a stick at you!! Celebrate the rest and get back on board you ROCKSTAR!! K? Good. If you need any motivation, just ask for it. We’ll all get you the motivation you need.

  3. Amanda says:

    I feel ya on the zero motivation front. I’m actually considering joining a new gym to make working out interesting again! Keep it up David, you’ve come so far already, you have all the tools you need inside YOU!

  4. SKM says:

    I’m glad to be in good company – work has been kicking my keester lately and I’ve been making dumb choices. It’s time to turn this train around! We can do it!

  5. Ryan says:

    “A moment of self-compassion can change your entire day. A string of such moments can change the course of your life.” – Christopher K. Germer

    Heya David,

    I’m here with you… Recently I’ve lost some drive and someone suggested to me that I set some short term goals. I’m thinking really hard about it, and am leaning towards getting some inline roller blades and a hockey stick so that I can start practicing to join a roller hockey team. I need something that is super fun/motivating, as my long term goals (15 chinups, 6 minute mile, bench my weight) are still quite a ways off, perhaps over a year, and feel like they are just too far away right now.

    Food is another thing with me, too. I’ve been turning things from routine, into a rut, so me friend is going to send me some new recipes, so I can start trying new things…

    For me, it’s been helpful to use my exercise performance as a way of tracking my progress as well, not just my weight. My weight loss has slowed dramatically in the last few weeks, but my strength, endurance, etc. have all continued at a good pace.

    One final thought… Perhaps the universe knows one of the biggest lessons in life is knowing regardless of ANYTHING, you are worthy of ALL the good stuff… It may be taking away some things that have been helpful (i.e. weight loss) to really make sure you’re learning that lesson, before you get them back in spades and continue on your journey with that truly embedded perspective… 🙂

    Much love and good vibes to you, there are countless people here cheering you on, and wanting to help, me included!

  6. Sheilah Lowe says:

    You are so right, two pounds is NOTHING!! keep it up, David!!

  7. Maren says:

    F those two pounds, you’ll shake them off in no time!

  8. Tavi says:

    must I remind you that muscle weighs more than fat! AND you are now doing sit ups, pull ups, push ups… etc. that you never did before. I would guess that the weight is muscle, cuz you’re eating healthy right! If weight loss is your goal, quit building your muscles… stick to eating for your blood type and cardio!

  9. maryam says:

    Remember its easier to lose 2 pounds then 165 pounds… you can do it!

  10. Tiffany Tharp says:

    Regression happens sometimes. Try not to focus on it. Ride it out and come back strong. You can do it and you will.

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