What’s In The Coffee Cup?

There is something drinkable in this coffee cup.  What do you think it is?

I’ll gave you a couple hints:

  1. It’s not coffee.
  2. It’s not a hot beverage of any kind.
  3. It’s the juice of a fruit that is rare in this country.

Any guesses?

If you guessed dragon fruit juice, you’re right!  Ding ding ding!  It was the contents of this bottle:

Pitaya is another name for dragon fruit.  I bought a dragon fruit for the first time recently, and on this blog I said that it “may be the most beautiful piece of fruit EVER” (read that post, with lots of dragon fruit photos, here).  The folks over at Bing might have thought similarly, because the very same day my dragon fruit post went up, they used this great dragon fruit picture on their home page (thanks to observant reader Dacia for pointing it out):

That day turned out to be all about dragon fruit, because I also got a great email from Pitaya Plus in which they offered to send me some free juice.  Yes, please!  And that is how the bottle pictured above ended up in my hot little hands.

Since I’m not terribly familiar with the taste of dragon fruit (I’ve only had it once, after all), I bought a couple more dragon fruit after the juice arrived.  A few days ago, I cut one up to enjoy with the Pitaya Plus.  It was a very dragon-fruit-centric lunch!

I roped in my friend Lisa, the gifted graphic designer, to sample both with me.  She had never heard of dragon fruit, so it was all new to her.  We tried the fruit first.  She was as impressed by its appearance as I was, and she was also a little let down by its flavor, like I was.  “It’s not bad, but it doesn’t taste like anything,” she said.  It does have a very mild flavor.

Next we tried the juice, which looks like this:

The juice also has a mild flavor.  It doesn’t actually taste like juice at all!  I don’t normally drink much juice because it’s sweet and delicious and I always end up drinking way too much.  In the past two years, most of the juice I’ve consumed was stuff I’ve juiced myself, where I can monitor how much fruit I use.  Were I to buy a 2 quart bottle of juice, the whole thing would be gone in 36 hours.  And that’s over 1,000 calories in my system.

Pitaya Plus is nowhere as sweet as other juices.  I didn’t finish the juice and immediately want more.  I drank it, enjoyed it, considered myself satisfied, and moved on with my day.  The juice was thin, like watermelon juice is, and the flavor is watermelon-ish and kiwi-ish.  Like the dragon fruit itself, the contents of a Pitaya Plus bottle isn’t nearly as vibrant as the packaging!  But I’d drink it again.  I’d actually like it after a workout, I think.

Dragon fruit juice has significantly fewer calories than other juices.  A serving of Pitaya Plus has 70 calories, compared to 112 calories for orange juice, 128 calories for apple juice, and 140 calories for grape juice.  Which brings me to my little pet peeve about Pitaya Plus:  A serving of it (like most juices) is 8 ounces.  So guess how many ounces are in the bottle?  10.5!  Ugh – I’m not a fan of busting out the calculator to figure out calorie counts, but I did it, because I was curious.  Since 8 ounces is 70 calories, the entire 10.5 ounce bottle is 92.  You’re welcome.

To find more info on Pitaya Plus, check out their website.

I gotta get going… to do burpees!  This is Day 7 for me of the No Excuses 30-Day Burpee Challenge, which means today I’m doing 21 of them.  Since I calculator was already out, I punched the numbers: during Days 1-6 of the Challenge, I did 105 burpees!  WHOA.

Keep it up, David!

5 Responses to What’s In The Coffee Cup?

  1. SO jealous!! Can’t do exotic fruits due to allergies. Sounds delightful!

  2. Stefi says:

    The draggon fruit looks amazing! Was it all pink inside? Ive only tried it once at my slimming group an it was White with black seeds looked unappealing but tasted nice. X

    • David says:

      Yep – a bright, vibrant magenta. There are different kinds of dragon fruit… I’ve only seen the pink-inside ones, but white-inside are also pretty popular.

      • i like the look of the magenta inside, they look how i’d expect them to look. i tend to only see them now and again in the supermarket. will keep my eye out. hopefully i will get a pink one.

  3. Janet says:

    Oh sometimes I am so jealous that so many foods seem to be so accessable in the States. Dragonfruit over here (which is Germany by the way, hi to Jen who is coming over) – well not in Bonn by any chance. I was happy to discovered a butternut pumpkin a few weeks ago. So I very much enjoy reading about foods on your site. Thanks David, I enjoy your blog and I am a frequent guest here, even though I am also a quite one.

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