A Day of Firsts

Happy Monday!  It’s been a day of firsts for me.

First #1 – New Job.  I got a new job.  “Job” might be overselling it just a little bit – I was asked to help out on a project for the next couple weeks.  So, I’m gainfully employed for the time being.  It happened very quickly:  I got the call at the end of the day on Friday, and my first day was today.

Some associated firsts:

It was my first day in an office that was in a building I’ve never been in before.  The building is known around town for its biggest tenant, an entertainment company with a name that doesn’t mesh well with healthy eaters like me.  I’ll let the signage on the side of the building take it from here:

Yep, I work in the Cookie Jar building.  And guess what I saw in the Cookie Jar building?  COOKIES!

Take a close look – that’s four different types of Oreos on a shelf in the kitchen.  Three of those types I’ve never tried before.  One of those types has a name that I’ve only ever seen on toothpaste bottles before (Cool Mint, I’m talking about you).  I’m going to eat none of them.  One big reason is that I don’t want to.  Another big reason is because the people working on my project have been banned from the Oreo kitchen, as it’s only intended for staffers on another project, which happens to be a drama that airs on a major television network.  (We have our own kitchen, don’t you worry.  It’s Oreo-free, too.)

Today was also the first day that I brought my lunch with me to work:

That’s broccoli and cauliflower (raw) in the back, and that yogurt container is mostly empty, except for 6 or so ounces of yogurt, so I topped it off with strawberries and nectarine pieces.  I also brought a big container of leftovers from this weekend, but that’s purposefully left out of the picture because it’s a recipe that I intend to share on the blog, but I haven’t done it yet.  That’s right, I’m a tease.

First #2 – New Phone.  It’s my first full day with my new iPhone!  It’s my first iPhone – I used a Blackberry before this, until it died this weekend.  Dead.  Kaput.  I love my iPhone so far, and the camera is great – so much better than the Blackberry camera.  All the photos in this post are iPhone photos.  I can get used to not carrying around a camera and a phone – which is good, because in addition to my Blackberry, my camera also died.  I’m pretty sure it just needs a new battery.  I hope it just needs a new battery.

First #3 – The Insider.  It was my first time (in years) watching The Insider.  Like a mentioned a few days ago (and on Facebook and Twitter), there was a chance I might have been on TV, during a piece about Richard Simmons, but I was left on the editing room floor.  It’s no big whoop.  I suspected that might happen.  I’ve had my share of television appearances that I’m mighty proud about.

First #4 – Burpee Challenge.  You may recall Friday’s post about burpees – about how I hate them, and how Scott over at Your Inner Skinny was about to issue some sort of fitness challenge that would involve them.  Since I need to goose my workouts, I stepped up and started, on Thursday night, doing 15 burpees a day.  I did four days of this, and then, last night, Scott posted the actual challenge.  Turns out 15 burpees is only the schedule for the first day.  Every day after that, for 30 days straight, you’re supposed to add 1 burpee, meaning that by day 30, you’re doing 45 burpees!  FORTY-FIVE BURPEES!  The thought of that makes me want to lie down and never get up.  But I’m up for the challenge, sadistic as it is, so today marks the official first day of NO EXCUSES 30 DAY BURPEE CHALLENGE!

Want to join in?  A few of you have pledged to join in already – and I’m excited for that!  You don’t have to commit to starting with 15 burpees.  Check out this post on Scott’s blog – he offers variations on the challenge for people of all levels, so it doesn’t matter if you’ve worked out your whole life or are new to it, there’s a version for you.  Scott also made a great video – watch it here – where he demonstrates 5 different types of burpees, from beginner burpees to advanced burpees, so you can see exactly what a burpee is and how to do it correctly.  If you’re on Twitter, you can join in the Burpee conversation by using this hashtag: #noexcusesYIS

Day 1 of the Burpee Challenge is DONE.  That’s 15 burpees.  Tomorrow is 16 burpees.  I think I can manage that, too.

Keep it up, David!

7 Responses to A Day of Firsts

  1. Katherine says:

    Ugh! Add one every day! Ok. I’m in.

  2. Kenlie says:

    I had decided that I couldn’t do it until you mentioned his video. After watching it, I realized that I can totally do the modified burpees so I’m going to do 8 today then add one daily…I have to start somewhere…#BurpeesPride

  3. Maren says:

    I’m game for the challenge! Yay!

  4. Michelle says:

    Congrats on the job. I’m looking forward to the recipe. And I did like you, I started the challenge when I read about it which was 2 days before it actually started. I also started with 15 not knowing he was going to throw that twist in there! But I figure if I can do 15 yesterday, I should be able to do 16 today. I’ll worry about tomorrow tomorrow 🙂

  5. alex says:

    mmm? i think i’ll be dead by the time i’m done with the first 8 but as Kenlie said… i have to start somewhere… 🙂

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