I Was on Fox News!

What an exciting week, and it’s only Tuesday!  Over the weekend I conquered a major fitness goal, and yesterday, I was on TV!  I’ve been on TV a few times in my life.  That’s no secret.  After all, a lot of you learned about this blog because I was a guest on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”  (You can watch my interview here.)

Now I have another TV appearance to add to my list.  Yesterday, I was on Fox News!  They called me up a few months ago and begged me to let them make an hour-long special all about me.  I thought about it, and came back with a counter-offer:  “How about I appear for a matter of seconds in the background of a video greeting?”

I’m kidding about Fox News calling me.  That never happened.  Here’s what did happen: Last week at Slimmons, before Richard Simmons’ class started, Richard asked all of us to help him with a video greeting for Neil Cavuto, who has a show on Fox News called “Your World with Neil Cavuto.”  Neil was going to be celebrating 15 years at Fox News, and Richard was going to contribute a video message that they were going to air during the broadcast.

I had to look up what channel Fox News is on my cable line-up, because I hardly ever watch it.  The only time I’ve watched Fox News in the past couple years was to see one of Richard’s appearances on Neil Cavuto’s show – he’s been on a bunch of times, and Richard considers Neil a good friend.  But being on TV is being on TV, and thankfully, I’m tall, so I’m easy to spot in a crowd.

Because I don’t have the technology to take video from my TiVo and put it online, you’ll have to do with a photo I took of my TV screen (I’ve looked for the clip online, and haven’t found it).  It’s low rent, I know, but it’s better than nothing!  Do you see me?


The message is about 20 seconds long.  We clapped for Neil, Richard congratulated him, and Richard said that he liked Neil more than fried chicken.  Then we clapped again, and that was that.

Seconds later, Richard started class.  Here’s the video from that class.  You can see fleeting glimpses of me – I’m the tall one wearing all black and a white bandanna as a headband:

I should give out a shout-out to my friend Michelle, who works with Richard and is the one who dodges elbows and flying feet to record Richard’s classes, and then edits them into these videos for YouTube.  She also recorded the Neil Cavuto greeting.  Hey Michelle!

And if you wanna see more of me on television, check out these links (I already linked my Ellen interview at the beginning of this post):

That’s not all, either!  I have two more national television appearances under my belt, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll share one of them with everyone one of these days!

Keep it up, David!


6 Responses to I Was on Fox News!

  1. Oh, hahaha. I am right behind you in that picture.

  2. Carey says:

    I love Richard!!When I was 16..he was the first one I worked out with “on vhs” tells you how old I am..lol It was soo much fun…it would be great to actually work out in person with him..only thing is I live in Ontario Canada..lol your lucky David! He is such an inspiration! Soo much fun! Ive been wanting to try Zumba..but Im chicken to go to a class by myself.

    • David says:

      Thanks! If you ever end up visiting Los Angeles, you should definitely come take a class. And I think you should get up and GO to a Zumba class. It’s funny how my attitude is different… I’d rather take a new class by myself than with anyone – it’d be easier for me to be embarrassed about not being able to keep up or not knowing choreography if I didn’t know anyone in the room! So give it a try… and KEEP IT UP!

  3. Nurse Karen says:

    10-4, good buddy! ^_^

  4. caseykay68 says:

    I was successful in hiding, yay 🙂

  5. Kenlie says:

    You’re just destined to be on TV which makes sense in my mind! =0) Miss you! =0)

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