Vegan Plate

The last two days have been woefully unproductive.  You know those statistics about how lions and Great Danes sleep 23 hours a day?  That’s how the past two days have felt.  I wasn’t technically sleeping as much as a lion or Great Dane, but if you counted farting around on the internet and mindlessly watching television, than I’d probably come close.  Yesterday, I wasn’t even able to rally myself to go to the gym.  Twice I came close – lacing up the shoes, grabbing my iPod and a water bottle – but then I’d decide I’d watch Project Runway first.  Or catch up on some of the other blogs that I like but am behind on.  Or did I just yawn? Maybe I should lie down for a while.

I was near the end of Day 2 of doing nearly absolutely nothing when I decided it had to stop.  NO MORE.  Get something done today, David!  So, on a whim, I decided to do something I’ve been wanting to do for a long, long, long time.  And I did it.  And I’m really proud of myself for doing it.  And I will tell you all about it…

…TOMORROW.  Because I need another day to gather some much-needed photographs.  Sorry.

The rest of today’s post, though, is all about the one time I left my house on Day 1 of my two-day stint of doing nothing.  I went out for dinner.  And I brought my camera.

I met up with my friends Lisa (of business-card-designing fame) and Robyn (of motivational-speech-photography fame) at a restaurant called Vegan Plate.  It’s in a little strip mall on Ventura Boulevard in Studio City:

I’ve been to Vegan Plate once before, about a year ago, when I was working literally right around the corner.  Robyn asked me what I ordered last time, and I couldn’t remember.

Vegan Plate is a Thai vegan restaurant, with a wide variety of faux meat products that replicate the taste and texture of everything from chicken to beef to pork to fish.  I’ve tried most of those products at other vegan and vegetarian restaurants, and I like some more than others.  What I’ve been noticing a lot lately is that sometimes the menus at vegan restaurants can be loaded with fried items.  I have to scrutinize a vegan menu for healthy options just as much as I would any other menu.  I don’t mind doing that – in fact, I’m quite used to it – but let me be another to point out that eating vegan isn’t automatically a healthier way to eat.

I ended up ordering the papaya salad, medium spicy.  It had shredded green papaya, carrot, green beans, sliced tomatoes, and ground peanuts tossed in lime juice:

Dee-licious!  As I drove home, I suddenly remembered what I had ordered the first time I came to Vegan Plate: the papaya salad.  I get bonus points for unintentional consistency.

My favorite thing about Vegan Plate may be how they serve their rice – in a perfect four-sided pyramid!

That’s Robyn’s rice – it went along with her orange chicken:

Lisa got the sweet and sour chicken combo plate:

The three of us chatted for two hours – it was great to see both of them.  Here’s all three of us:

The evening ended with an invite from Robyn for me to join her and her hubby out in Palm Springs next weekend at her dad’s place.  Robyn says her dad is a big fan of mine and this blog – hello, Robyn’s dad! – and I gotta see if I can move a few things around.  In the nine years I’ve lived in Los Angeles, I’ve never been to Palm Springs, so that would probably be really fun.

Keep it up, David!

6 Responses to Vegan Plate

  1. Pat says:

    Lisa. “of business-card-designing fame”. And I’m Pat.

  2. Nurse Karen says:

    Sometimes after an emotional upheaval or sharing, we need Quiet Time to be Still and Contemplate. Hence your brief need to be in a vegetative state. Since I am a Christian, I would say, “Be Still and Know God”. We are all Divine: spiritual beings having a human journey, IMHO. Or, for non-believers: you can call it meditating, a way to calm the psyche, process the emotions. My Mom was Native American Cherokee, and she would say the Warrior would need to be alone in his Cave, communing with Great Spirit. No stress, just a normal part of processing life. Can’t wait to hear what you did later after the rumination phase. xoxo~

    • jenny o says:

      I second Nurse Karen! Such an important part of life, just “being”. Project Runway not so important, but still fun 🙂

  3. Tim Hawkes says:

    Hello David
    from Robyn’s Dad

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