Return to Slimmons

On Thursday, I returned to Slimmons.  I use the word ‘return,’ but it’s only been about three weeks since I’ve been to Richard Simmons’ class at Slimmons – the last class I went to was on August 25th.  But three weeks is a long time to not be at Slimmons – if you’ve ever been, you know how infectious it is, how energetic and off-the-wall Richard is, what a great workout it is.

It was a really great workout for me on Thursday, I think because it had been a few weeks since I’ve done any of those moves.  I worked out a lot while on my trip to Michigan and Colorado, but none of my workouts were aerobics.  Plus, the class was crazy crowded, like it can be sometimes, so there was actually room to move without smacking someone, or someone smacking you.  (I’ve smacked my fair share of people during my time at Slimmons, and I’ve been smacked plenty of times, too.)

My friend Tavi came along to class, which was a lot of fun, too.  You know Tavi – I’ve blogged about our hikes and his fruit trees – so you know that he’s an aerialist, which means he’s super flexible, super strong, and super acrobatic, because he makes his living flying through the air, holding onto straps, performing circus routines (see a picture of him in costume here).  Tavi has taken Richard’s class before, months and months ago, and a bunch of people remembered him, because, well, Tavi’s hard to forget.  He’s the one that stretches his legs before class by bending them backwards over his head.  He’s the one that adds spins and flourishes to all of Richard’s moves because he’s a dancer, too.  He’s the one that Sherry, the manager at Slimmons, gushes over before and after class, because she’s… um… slightly obsessed with him a big fan.

I’ve gotten the same three comments from other people both times Tavi’s come along, and I’m sure I’ll these same three comments again the next time Tavi comes to class:

1) “He’s amazing, how do you know him?”  “I’ve known him since high school.”

2) “Why did you bring that guy?  He makes all the rest of us look bad!”  “Hahahahaha, no kidding!”

3) “Is he your boyfriend?”  “Nope.  Just one of my closest friends.”

I wish I took a picture of me and Tavi after class, but I didn’t.  So this picture of me and Richard will have to do.  It’s the first picture I’ve taken with Richard in almost a year (Richard’s the one with the neon green fishnets and tutu, just in case you weren’t sure):

Despite going to Slimmons for for the past nineteen or so months, that’s only the third picture I’ve taken with Richard there.  Here are the other two:

From January 2010 (after my very first class):

From October 2010:


Keep it up, David!


4 Responses to Return to Slimmons

  1. Pat says:

    I feel as tho I’ve seen that October 2010 photo somewhere before….Hmmmm. Keep it Up!

  2. Tavi says:

    I keep flipping back and forth between the ‘after your first class with Richard’ and ‘after your last class with Richard’ photos! If I didn’t know better, I wouldn’t recognize you! Although, having known you for so long, what I will say is that underneath it all, you have always been one of the most brilliant people I know!

  3. Mom says:

    aaawww that was nice of Tavi to say. I was doing the same thing – going back and forth between those 2 pictures and thinking almost the same thing….it’s the same David in a different body, and, of course, amazingly brilliant.

  4. Felise says:

    It was so much fun to work out next to both of you! I love you both!!

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