I teased it on Twitter… I teased it on Facebook… It’s finally time to reveal my BIG EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT!

Right after this lower back update!

Sorry to go all Seacrest on you, but since so many of you have expressed concern and sent kind thoughts my way since my lower back injury last weekend,  I just wanted to quickly mention that today I worked out for the first time since sustaining the injury, and all went swimmingly.  I used an elliptical machine for 45 minutes, at a much-lighter-than-normal setting, and no pain whatsoever.  I had to fight back urges to ramp up the resistance to get a better workout, but I kept it easy.  I plan on another lighter-than-normal cardio workout tomorrow.

OK! Ready for the BIG EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT?  No more delays.  Can I get a drum roll please?


I’m terribly excited and excitedly terrified.  Here’s what went down:  It turns out that one of my readers, Joyce, is the Marketing Supervisor at a local Whole Foods.  She’s become a fan of the blog, and invited me to speak at her store!

So, on Wednesday, September 21st, at 7pm, I’ll be sharing my story, live and in person, at the Whole Foods in Porter Ranch.

I’m not making this up!  See, I’m on the Whole Foods website, and here’s the poster that will soon go up inside the store:

Joyce and I have already been hard at work putting together what we hope will be a fun, special event.  I’ll be speaking about my journey and sharing some of the tips and insights I’ve learned along the way, and leading a question and answer session.  We’ll also have a drawing, and someone in the audience will win a great giveaway from Whole Foods!


  • Wednesday, 9/21/11, at 7pm.
  • Whole Foods Market, Porter Ranch: 19340 Rinaldi St., Northridge, CA 91326 (It’s super easy to get to… exit the 118 freeway at Tampa Avenue and head north.  It’s in the shopping center on your right just before the first stoplight, Rinaldi.)
  • Space is limited, and RSVPs are required.  RSVP via email at, or on the Whole Foods Porter Ranch Facebook Page.

Help me out and tell your friends!  I love that my readers are spread out across the country (and overseas), so I know that many of you that would want to come just won’t be able to.  Surely you know someone in the LA area, don’t you?  Here’s a little something you can post on Twitter and Facebook:

Go see @keepitupdavid live and in person at @WholeFoods_PTR on 9/21 at 7pm! Details here:

I told a friend with extensive public speaking experience about how nervous I am, and she advised me to speak from the heart, and everything will go smoothly.  So that’s the plan.  I hope you can make it out on the 21st!

Since I’m in an Big Announcement Mode, here’s another one:  Keep it up, David is now on Google+!

Are you on Google+?  It’s the fastest-growing social network ever, and the newest place you can learn about new Keep it up, David blog posts!  If you already have an account, then go to my page and add me to your circles.  If you’d like an invitation to join Google+, then shoot me an email at and I’ll shoot one your way.

Keep it up, David!


  1. Cindy says:

    I am so excited for you! If only Indiana was closer to California I would come hear you speak. Who knows maybe someday you will be touring the country and you will be booked for an exciting midwest tour so I could be there!! Good luck… and just speak like you write your blog and you will be amazing.

  2. jenny o says:

    That’s so awesome David! I agree with Cindy, I always feel like I’ve had a chat with a friend after reading your blog.

  3. Steve says:

    Holy Shitake Mushrooms! That’s awesome!

  4. Floriana says:

    Great news, David! Congrats! Hope it’s the first of many.

  5. Sheilah Lowe says:

    WOW, that is awesome, David. I know you will do well and inspire many!! I have added you to my Google+. Keep it up, David!!

  6. Caron says:

    This sounds like a great opportunity for you. Break a leg. 🙂

  7. retroactiv says:

    This is truly awesome! You will be great!

  8. Pat says:

    Be sure and mention inspiring words from friends, like Pat!!

  9. auntiekim says:

    OMG how exciting!! I wish I lived closer so I could go. I hope you’re really proud of yourself. Have someone record it and post it on your blog if you can.

  10. Nurse Karen says:

    I am so *THRILLED* for you! You will do well, and continue your inspiration to many more people. As for being nervous: just look at your friends in the audience, zero-in on that loving support, and talk to the folks as you would in a social setting like you would do with us at Slimmons. No worries! People crave knowledge on how to make their lives better, or at least improve some aspect of it for a more hopeful, enjoyable future, so they will listen with open ears to what you have to say, never fear! It would be beneficial for Whole Foods to continue to use you as their Teacher, for you have a gift for explaining your health journey, especially using their products. [cue photos of the Whole Foods salad bar at Seal Beach, ha ha!] Congratulations, David!!! xo

  11. Alix says:

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! Congratulations, what a great opportunity to share your story and your wonderful personality. I will be there! xo

  12. Mindy says:

    That is so great! Congratulations. The first of many I am sure. If I were in CA – I’d be there too.

  13. Dominique says:


  14. Woo Hoo!! That’s awesome, David!!

  15. Lindsay says:

    Effin’ A! Way to go, David! 😀

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