What Made Me Blush Last Night

Exciting news!  (For me, at least.)

In a few short hours, I’m leaving on a jet plane.  Time to get out of Los Angeles for a while.  My first stop is Colorado, for a long weekend with family, and from there I’m flying to Michigan, where I’m spending about 2 weeks catching up with more family and friends.

Even though I’m on vacation, my blog won’t be.  I’ll keep you posted on where I am, what I’m doing, what I’m eating, and how I’m exercising.  Don’t you worry, you’ll be kept in the loop!

Now for the story that the title alludes to:

Last night, I headed to Slimmons for my last class with Richard Simmons for a few weeks.  He was dressed in a Beatles-themed tank top and played dance remixes of Beatles songs (yep, they’re as strange as you think they are).  It was definitely a fun class, and it was hot, so there was lots of sweat and it came quickly.

The highlight of the evening actually happened before class, when I was stretching a little and staking out my spot in the classroom (a necessity, because classes can get crowded).  Nearby, a posse of women, all of them Slimmons regulars and lovely, friendly gals, were chatting amongst themselves, when, all at once, they all turned and said my name.

Seconds later, the posse had surrounded me.  They moved quickly.  It was almost disorienting.

Posse:  “Hey David, we were all just talking about you right now, and we decided we might as well let you know.”

Me:  “Oh yeah?”

Posse:  “We were all talking about how handsome you are.  You’re so handsome!”

Cue blushing.

Me (fumbling and stumbling a little bit):  “Thank you, that’s really very kind.”

Posse:  “Look at him, he’s blushing!”

Me:  “I appreciate it, I really do!  Thank you – that made my day.”  (Which is true.)

Posse:  “It made your day that a group of old and middle-aged women think you’re handsome?”

Me:  “Yes.  And I didn’t use those words – you did!”

I’m handsome.  I’m handsome.  It’s not, historically speaking, a word that I’ve ever used to describe myself, nor is it a word that I’m used to hearing about myself.  To be honest, up until recently, when someone did call me handsome, my mind immediately had a response ready:  They’re just saying that.  They’re just being nice.  They’re just being polite.  It’s not true.

Last night, though, my mind didn’t race to squash their compliment.  I heard it, received it, thanked them, looked in the mirror, and silently agreed.

Keep it up, David!

12 Responses to What Made Me Blush Last Night

  1. Caron says:

    I agree. You are indeed handsome. And blushing seems to be a lost art. 🙂

  2. And they were right! 🙂

  3. I’m not middle aged, so when I say I think you’re handsome, you best believe it!

  4. Lucinda says:

    Or as my friend Dom likes me to call him–TDH, tall, dark, & handsome–& funny, entertaining, & an inspiration! (as of Wed–40 plus # lost!!!) Detroit whether has been gorgeous lately, 80’s during the day & cooler at night. Have a great time on your vacation–you deserve it!

  5. Nurse Karen says:

    I’ll miss you. By the way, that posse of females have very discerning tastes; most of them knew Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Rock Hudson, buddies with Wolfgang–well, you get my drift. We were chatting about you Monday night over supper, too, LOL. How handsome you are, such a gentleman, wish more men were like you, etc. Blush all you want, for you are a true diamond amongst all the lumps out there. Blessings on your travels. Kiss your Mom hello for me. I enjoyed meeting her that last time at Slimmons, taking your photos. You guys are awesome! xo

  6. caseykay68 says:

    I love that you call them posse 🙂 perfect

  7. Felise says:

    I’ve known you are handsome from the day I met you….have a great vacation David. You deserve it ! Would love to have lunch with you upon your return from Michigan! Have fun!!!

  8. betty DeGeneres says:

    Love it. And I agree with the middle-aged ladies.

  9. Debbie says:

    David, you have always been handsome! Can’t wait to see you…

  10. Keith - SuPeR K! says:


  11. Ang says:

    ROFL…I think I know who you are talking about too…Did you make them blush David?

  12. Mom says:

    aaawww he’s always been handsome and such a wonderful person too!!! I’m not prejudiced though.

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