Chart Update and My Week In Workouts

Yesterday was Tuesday.  You know what that means…

Time to update my chart!

I won’t hold you in suspense:

DOWN ONE POUND!  That puts me at 234 pounds, a new low.  My weight loss now stands at 168 pounds, and I’m 14 pounds away from my next goal.

Here’s my whole chart:

My eating was good this week, and I’ve been working out a lot.  In fact, it’s occurred to me that I haven’t done a “My Week In Workouts” post in a couple months (since this post from early June), so it’s time to fix that.

Welcome to My Week In Workouts!  It’s a run-down of all my exercise from the past seven days:

WEDNESDAY, August 17:  Rest Day.  Not a thrilling way to start this run-down, but it was well-deserved… I had worked out for 6 days in a row prior to this.

THURSDAY, August 18:  Richard Simmons’ class at Slimmons.  He started the class wearing a robe, which only means one thing: there was a costume underneath that he was excited to reveal.  Here’s the video from that class – and sure enough, it starts with the reveal:

It was a fun class – good music, and not jam-packed, as a lot of his classes can be!

FRIDAY, August 19:  A session with Craig the trainer.  I talk about it here – my workout was tough, but I got to add a new skyscraper to my collection!

SATURDAY, August 20:  I worked out in the little gym in my building.  I used the recumbent bike for 45 minutes total.  For the first 30, I rotated through 7 different arm and shoulder exercises while pedaling, using 15-pound weights in each hand.  It was 4 minutes of weights, and then a 1-minute break (though I still pedaled), and I did that 6 times.

SUNDAY, August 21:  A 35-minute run with my cousin Aaron.  I talk about it at the end of this post.

MONDAY, August 22:  At the gym.  I started with a 5 minute treadmill warm-up, then did 35 minutes of weights (including 80 bench presses and 80 leg presses, among other things).  I wanted to finish with about 15 minutes of cardio.  The ellipticals and treadmills at my gym have their own individual televisions, so I got on an elliptical just as an episode of “Judge Judy” started airing.  I love me some Judy, so I plugged in my headphones and watched.  But the connection between the TV and my headphones wasn’t great, and the sound went in and out, so after 7 minutes (and during the first commercial break), I switched to a treadmill, and did 14 minutes of brisk inclined walking, while watching Judy finish up the case on the treadmill’s TV.  Who has two thumbs and alters his workouts to watch daytime TV?  THIS GUY! (You have to imagine me pointing to myself for that joke to work, I suppose.)

TUESDAY, August 23:  Boot Camp Class with Craig.  We used Steps and did a lot of stepping while doing bicep and shoulder exercises, and then Craig had us rotate through a circuit that included burpees (which I hate), two different types of kettlebell exercises, and push-ups where you’re standing and pushing off a wall and clapping in between each one.  That was the first time I’ve ever done those, and they’re kinda fun!  Note to self: incorporate those into my gym routines.

Keep it up, David!

5 Responses to Chart Update and My Week In Workouts

  1. auntiekim says:

    234 is amazing! Wow. It sounds like you’re getting a well rounded balance of different exercises. I’m totally on board with the cardio but have been having a lot of trouble with the strength training part. Keep it up. You’re doing so great!

  2. Sheilah Lowe says:

    Keep it up, David–1 pound at a time!!!

  3. Pat says:

    Congrats on your New Low? Keep it Up!

  4. nicolette atkins says:

    High about your new low! John says to tell you “What you have accomplished is AMAZING. Sometimes its easy to lose sight of that in the struggle to keeping going but remember…what you have already done is fantastic. And KEEP IT UP DAVID!”

    • David says:

      I hear you’re in Hawaii so I hope that you’re having a lovely, relaxing time. I’m flattered that you’re still checking in with the blog while you’re on vacation! My love to you and John.

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