Glasses Poll Results!

Yesterday was a lot of fun for me.  Yesterday’s post was all about shopping for new glasses, and I included a poll, asking which pair of eyeglass frames you liked best on me, and lots of you responded.  As of right now, as I type this, 148 of you voted.  WOW!  I had significantly more page views than that, though, and that makes me wonder about the readers who read the post and chose not to vote at all.  What gives?  You just don’t like polls, is that it?

I’m kidding, of course.  I’m just glad to have readers at all, and what you do or don’t do when you’re visiting my website is none of my business.  As long as you come back each and every day, and tell all your family and friends about me, and share links on all the social media sites that you frequent.

I’m kidding again.  Or am I?

The other exciting thing that happened yesterday was that I got a call from Teddy at Gogosha Optique saying that my new glasses were ready.  WOO-HOO!  This came as quite a surprise, as I was told at the store that it may take as long as a week to get them back from the lab.  I couldn’t make it over to that part of town after I got the call yesterday, so I’m going a little later today.  I said yesterday that I wasn’t going to reveal what pair I actually bought until I had them in my hot little hands, but I changed my mind.  I’ll reveal it right now!

First, though, let’s take a look at how you voted:

You resoundingly went with Finalist #4 – with almost a majority!  They’re definitely snazzy glasses, that’s for sure, but they’re…. NOT the pair I ended up buying.  I ultimately decided that they were too similar in shape to my current glasses, and while the glitter lining offered a nice hidden surprise, I really wanted to switch it up a little bit more.

The pair of glasses I ended up buying was…

…drum roll please…

…FINALIST #3: Retro, with fun details!

I’m glad these frames came in second place in the poll.  I suspected that the glitter frames might win, as they’re so terribly unique (and they were also the only option where I provided a secondary photo), but a lot of you liked these frames a lot, and I freakin’ love them.  I love that they’re both black and silver, I love the they have retro styling but also have very modern elements, and I love that their stems have a fun curve to them as well, which you can’t see in the photographs.

Most of all, I love that I’m gonna be picking them up in a matter of hours!

Thanks to everyone that voted, and to all of you that left comments explaining your vote – I loved reading everyone’s opinions, and I loved how thoroughly you thought about this!

In other news, I went to Richard Simmons’ class at Slimmons last night, and he was wearing black vinyl and strings of pearls.  He hasn’t posted the video from last night’s class yet, but here’s the video from last Saturday, when Richard played all new music and was dressed entirely in multi-colored fringe.  Keep an eye out for me, too!

Attending this class means that I’ve worked out 7 of the past 8 days!

Keep it up, David!

8 Responses to Glasses Poll Results!

  1. Sarah says:

    great choice – you look so cute

  2. Desiree says:

    Why choose just one – I have found this great site for glasses – so inexpensive that I litterally have at least 30 pairs… a different one for every day 🙂

    zennioptical is the site. It is really great! check it out. It does get a little more costly if you have special prescriptions but still worth the savings!

  3. Rebecca Hill says:

    Love your new glasses, David! And love Richard S’s fringe outfit! Y’all are both so fun and funny! Soldier on, keep it up and continue to style (and smile!) – Rebecca Hill

  4. Collin says:

    I LOVE these glasses!

  5. Sam Times says:

    Although #4 seems like a good choice. The one you got is great since you look good in it.

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