Shopping For Glasses

GET READY… THIS POST HAS A POLL!  I wanna know what YOU think, so keep reading!

I need new glasses.  I’m tired of my current pair, and one lens is riddled with scratches from when I tripped on a curb and face-planted on the sidewalk literally 4 months after I bought them.  Last week, I got my annual eye exam (where I learned that I needed more Omega-3s in my diet), so the other day, I headed out to shop for spectacles.

There’s a store I’ve been excited to visit for quite some time.  I first heard about it from my friends Erin and Devin, who, for as long as I’ve known them, have always had kick-ass glasses.  They told me about Gogosha, on Sunset Boulevard, that has great service and frames you can’t find anywhere else.  Naturally, Erin and Devin told me about it a few weeks after I had just bought glasses… damn you, crappy timing!

Two years later, I finally headed to Gogosha.  I’m so glad I did!

I walked in and was greeted by Teddy (“like a Teddy Bear,” she said), and I explained what’s up.  I needed new glasses, I get overwhelmed when shopping for glasses, and this place had come highly recommended.  I also explained that I’ve lost 167 pounds, and that the size and shape of my face has changed, and that I don’t know what would look good on me anymore.

Then Teddy explained the process at Gogosha.  Basically, I wasn’t going to do any browsing at all.  I got to sit my butt down in a chair, and Teddy would pull a ton of options that she thought might work, and using a 3-step process, we’d whittle down the frames until we ended up with the perfect pair for me.

These, by the way, are my current glasses, and since my prescription hasn’t changed much, I’ll be holding on to these as my back-up pair:

The process began.  Teddy stared at me for a good long time and started rooting through her wares, and every once and a while, she’d pivot and look at me again.  I asked what she was specifically looking at, and she said that in addition to the general shape of my face, she was looking at how far apart my eyes were, how they related to the other features on my face.  It’s not necessarily about getting the trendiest or newest glasses, she explained, it’s about finding the pair that best compliments me and my features, and there’s lots of things to consider.  I liked the way Teddy talked about glasses.

Teddy brought over a heaping tray of optons:

Step One.  I tried each pair on, and based on my initial reaction and first impression using a tabletop mirror, I decided whether to keep it in the running or lose it.  No big decisions yet – just sorting out the ones that are all wrong.  It was pretty fun, and I liked that Teddy piped up, because she really knows her stuff.  She pointed out pairs that sat funny on my nose, or interacted strangely with my brow or cheeks, and explained how certain design elements, like the thickness of the frames or the shape of the lens flattered (or failed to flatter) my face.

After Step One, we had eliminated more than half of the candidates.  Here are the frames that didn’t make the cut:

And the ones that did:

Step Two:  I tried the remaining contenders on again in front of a full-length mirror.  It was time to consider the big picture: how they looked close-up, how they looked from farther away, how they looked with my entire body.  I’ve worn glasses since I was in 3rd grade, and I don’t remember EVER trying on glasses using a full-length mirror before, and it was extraordinarily helpful.  I tried on each contender multiple times, and, with Teddy’s input, started narrowing it down further.  We eventually got it down to four finalists:

Step Three:  We headed outside and I tried them on again, to see them in natural light – another really smart move, because everything looks different in natural light, and I formed opinions that I didn’t have inside the store.  We also roped in Julia Gogosha, the boutique’s owner, and she provided some really valuable insights.  I also learned that she’s exactly my age and grew up about 20 minutes away from me in Michigan.  SMALL WORLD!

When we headed outside, I brought my camera and put Teddy to work.  Here’s what all four finalists look like on my face:

FINALIST #1.  Very basic, very classic:

FINALIST #2.  The roundest of all four:

FINALIST #3.  Very retro, with fun details:

FINALIST #4.  Similar shape to my current glasses, but with glitter lining the inside.  You don’t really notice it unless you’re looking for it, which is why I included the second picture below:

POLL TIME!  I wanna know what you think!  To be clear, I’m not letting you guys decide which pair I’ll purchase.  I made a decision and ordered one of these four.  I’m really excited about my choice, and curious if you’ll pick the same finalist as I did!  So cast your vote (and invite your friends to vote as well!) – once you vote, you’ll be able to see the results so far.  And please use the comments section to elaborate on your reasoning, if you so desire!

My glasses are being made right now, and I’ll be able to pick them soon.  Sorry to pull a cliffhanger on you, but I’m not gonna reveal my choice until I have my new glasses in my hot little hands!

I will say that this was by far the best glasses shopping experience I’ve ever had.  The last few times I’ve bought glasses there’s always been a part of me, as I waited to pick up my finished pair, that was unsure.  Glasses are a big expenditure, and I would get nervous that I wouldn’t like the pair after a week, or that I hadn’t found a pair that made me look my absolute best.

There was no such second-guessing the other day.  The ladies at Gogosha, especially Teddy, were informed, articulate, and ridiculously helpful, and they turned what previously had been a daunting experience into a completely stress-free, enjoyable one.  I can’t wait to pick up my new glasses!  And I’m dying to know what my readers think – so scroll back up and VOTE!

UPDATE:  See the poll results and the glasses I purchased here!

Keep it up, David!

18 Responses to Shopping For Glasses

  1. Kristin says:

    At first, I was stuck between the retro-fun-details, and the glitter!, but then I noticed that the retros seem to make your cheeks appear more round, while the glitter!s do not. I think those rounded outer corners on the retros are not as complimentary to your face as the more square, defined frames are!

    And those last ones have glitter. Which makes this all so very easy!

  2. Erin says:

    Love 1,3 & 4…voted 3 because they are the coolest and most fun 🙂

  3. Pat says:

    Unless you’re doubling for Michael Douglas in “Falling Down”, not #3.

  4. Trina Jean says:

    I really like #3 kinda reminds me of Clark Kent. But I think #4 look better overall.

  5. Jenny Dahl says:

    I’m all for #4… my second choice would be #1. #2 makes your face too round and I’ll bet you’ve had enough of ’round face’. And #3… no. Please, no! You look like my dad in those… and he died back in ’87! 😀

  6. Lucinda says:

    I once drove 2 hours North in Michigan to go shopping w/my Mom for her glasses, spent an hour at the Dr’s office helping her pick out the right design–only to have her change her mind & decide she’d rather have what the optician was wearing for her frames! Then I had to drive 2 hours back to Detroit–fun! I’d go with the fun pair #4–after all I bought pink glasses last summer when I had to replace mine, as I realized I’d had variations on the same metal frames for about 10 years!

  7. erintakescontrol says:

    I love #4 and that’s my vote. I like the way that pair frames your eyes. And glitter? Hellllooooo! 🙂

  8. I definitely think pair #3 are the most fun, but as Kristin said, I think they make your cheeks look a bit rounded than pair #4. I’m definitely Team Glitter! 🙂

  9. auntiekim says:

    I was super torn between 1 and 4. Can’t wait to see which ones you picked.

  10. Anne Van Houten says:

    I just realized while voting that your niece, Allison, has your eyes.

  11. I like #1 most…then #4 (glitter is awesome..just saying) then #2 then #3….I can see why they were all finalists…they’re all pretty hot…

    Can’t wait to see what you chose!

  12. I like both 3 & 4 … but since the poll made me choose, I went with 4. We all need glitter in our lives. 😉

  13. Debra McDowell says:

    I went with #3. Probably because I do not like seeing my frame when I look out of my glasses.(I have wire frames with the plastic underwire (fishing line?) keeping my lens in. I love them!). My second choice was #4 then #1 and the one I liked the least was #2.

  14. Tara says:

    Um can I just say this as a queer person: The glitter by far is the one and only reason #4 should be picked…

    And I’m not even a gay guy.

    As soon as I saw the glitter I stopped reading and voted.


    Glitter > everything.


  15. Corinthe says:

    I liked number 4, I liked the shape of both 1 & 4 (having just been introduced to square frames!) But I also like the fun with the glitter, and the grey seemed to suit you, and it’s a nice alternative to black. Can’t wait to see what you picked!

  16. Lindsay says:

    I vote glitter glasses because I love fun secrets! They’re also the nicest match for your face, and the little silver accents are lovely!

  17. Kathy Freund says:

    glitter notwithstanding……# 4 make you look the most handsome…and isn’t that the whole point? they look like they were made for you!
    on another point…… were the prices?

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