What’s In The RediSetGo? Part Eighteen

I haven’t given up on my RediSetGo.  It’s still not completely off my shitlist, either.  Even though I’m still pissed that the non-stick surface is peeling off after just a few months of use, I do have insert trays that I can use.  And since I’m continuing to use my RediSetGo (with less frequency), that means that your favorite blog-based game (and mine) isn’t headed to the retirement home quite yet.

That’s right…  it’s time to play What’s In The RediSetGo?  And this edition is super-special, because it also involves a brand-new (to me) item from the produce department.  NOPE – I take that back.  This edition is super-duper-special, because it involves TWO brand-new (to me) items from the produce department!

Are you a What’s In The RediSetGo first-timer?  Don’t get your undies in a bunch.  It’s easier to play than hide and seek, and, once you get the knack for it, you can go back and check out Parts One through Seventeen, which are all archived here.

So put on your sombrero and slather on some SPF 50, because it’s time to play!


SEA BASS is in the RediSetGo!  And it’s sticking to the lid!  (That’s what happens when I forget to spritz the lid with some non-stick spray.)

There.  That’s better:

The skin side was the side that stuck to the lid, and since I wasn’t planning on eating the skin, no harm was done, except for that the fish is a little less pretty.

Let’s jump back to the beginning.  I started with two pieces of sea bass, from the seafood counter at Whole Foods.  I asked the fishmonger to cut them into 6-8 ounce portions, and together they weighed about 14 ounces, so well done, fishmonger!

I did a quick marinade in a new salad dressing that I haven’t tried before:

I love blackberries, figs, and balsamic, so why wouldn’t I buy a bottle?  And a 2 tablespoon serving is only 15 calories and fat-free!  The fish sat is about 5-6 tablespoons for about an hour before going in the RediSetGo:

Meanwhile, I started work on a side dish.  Lately, I’ve really been into zucchini.  I’ve eaten it alongside chicken and built a salad around it – and I’ve been munching on it raw all summer long!  So, when I stumbled across these guys in the produce section at Whole Foods, barely a second went by before I was pawing through them and selecting some to bag up and put in my cart.  Have you seen these before?

The ridged ones are heirloom zucchini, and the round ones are appropriately named eight-ball squash.  I couldn’t find tons of info on either on the interwebs, but a few sites basically said I could use either like they were regular zucchini.  I also found an intriguing recipe that suggested stuffing eight-ball squashes like you would stuff peppers or tomatoes, so I will have to remember that for next time!  (I don’t think I’d stuff them like the recipe suggests, I’d just steal borrow the technique and devise a stuffing on my own.)

Here they are, getting cut up.

And into a pan, alongside an entire red onion, for a saute in cooking spray:

I also made some quinoa.  I followed the directions on the bag, although I replaced some of the water with the juice of 1 lemon, since lemon always goes so well with fish.  I also added generous pinches of dill and thyme, and 4 gloves of minced garlic.

My finished plate:

My annoyance at the RediSetGo disappeared when I tasted the fish, because it was cooked perfectly, and it only took about 8 minutes!  It practically fell apart into flakes when my fork touched it.  It was a touch on the bland side, though – in fact, the whole plate could have used a little sauce of some kind.  What I should have done is taken more of the blackberry & fig balsamic dressing and reduced it in a little saucepan, and drizzled that over everything.  Too bad I didn’t have that genius idea until the next morning!

The heirloom zucchini and eight-ball squash were delicious.  Guess what they both tasted like?  Zucchini.  Can’t say I’m surprised!

The RediSetGo insert tray was easy to clean (it can go in the dishwasher), and the fish was so good that I’m tempted to try to make other types of fish on the RediSetGo.  There’s tons of fishies out there that I’ve never purchased before – like the opah fish we tried in Seattle – so who knows what I’ll bring home next?

Keep it up, David!


7 Responses to What’s In The RediSetGo? Part Eighteen

  1. kate says:

    Ur blog makes me sooo hungry…..

  2. MikaDee says:

    Your REALLY making me want to purchase a RediSetGo.. Your plate looks delish!

    • David says:

      Thanks! I had a great RediSetGo that lasted a solid year, and I replaced it with one that lasted only a couple months before peeling and flaking, which is why it’s on my shitlist right now. Luckily, anything that can be made in a RediSetGo can also be made on a stove!

  3. Amanda says:

    If you enjoy quinoa, I found out that quinoa patties are fantastic. Usually cooked quinoa, some sort of crumbly cheese (generally feta or goat cheese) and finely chopped spinach. So tasty either hot, cold, and with a sauce!

    • David says:

      Those sound great! Do you need a binder of some sort, like an egg or something so they hold together as patties?

      • Amanda says:

        Yeah, I think it just uses an egg. Very simple, and very tasty! I added a lite raspberry vinaigrette to mine on top of a salad.

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