July Progress Report

It’s late on Tuesday night as I write this, and I’m home!  My trip to Vegas and Seattle was a blast, but today was a long travel day, and I’m glad to be sitting on my couch, and I look forward to sleeping in my bed, because I am exhausted.

How long was my long travel day?  It started at 8:30am in Seattle, and it ended at 8pm when I unlocked my front door.  It involved numerous modes of transportation:

  • My friend Collin drove me to the train station in his car.
  • I took the train to Sea-Tac Airport.
  • I flew from Seattle to Las Vegas.
  • Rode the airport tram to ground transportation at McCarran International Airport.
  • Hailed a cab to get to my car (which I had left in Las Vegas after my TV show audition).
  • Drove myself home from Las Vegas to Los Angeles.

Yep.  Glad to be home.

There’s lots to share about my fabulous visit to Seattle – lots of food, lots of activity, lots of sightseeing, lots of fun.  And to share it, it addition to the actual writing involved, I gotta do lots of photo organizing, lots of link gathering, and lots of post structuring… and I’m just too tired to start it tonight.  So come back Thursday and Friday to check out my two-part post on all the Seattle fun that was had.  Oh, and because I spent all day on the road, I wasn’t able to step on the scale, so my Tuesday weigh-in will be pushed to Wednesday this week (so come back tomorrow for that update, too).

All this doesn’t mean that today’s post will be devoid on content.  Luckily for me, it’s a new month, so it’s time for my Monthly Progress Report!  These are posts that I’ve only started compiling recently (check out the ones for June, May, and January-April), but I really love putting them together, and I’ve gotten such great responses about them, so I think that means you like them too!

July turned out to be a great month.  Here’s my calendar:

There’s lots of black dots on it, and that’s a good thing, because each of those represents a workout.  In total, I exercised 25 out of 31 days – a 80% success rate!  That’s my highest monthly percentage since March!  Four of those workouts were Richard Simmons’ classes at Slimmons, 2 of them were boot camp classes with Craig, and 5 of them were training sessions with Craig.

A few months ago, I also started noting which workouts contained a significant portion dedicated to weightlifting.  April had 4 such workouts, May had 13, and June had 10.  July, though, had a whopping 20.  I’ll spell that out: TWENTY!  I’m quite proud of that figure.  I recounted it a couple times, in fact, because it seemed so shockingly high!

So.  Time again to plop on my nerd hat (I don’t think that I ever actually take it off) and update one of my many charts:

  • January 2011:  Worked out 27 out 0f 31 days (87%), including 6 classes at Slimmons.
  • February 2011:  Worked out 23 out of 28 days (82%), including 5 classes at Slimmons and 3 Boot Camp Classes.
  • March 2011:  Worked out 25 out of 31 days (81%), including 5 classes at Slimmons and 4 Boot Camp Classes.
  • April 2011:  Worked out 20 out of 30 days (66%), including 5 classes at Slimmons and 3 Boot Camp Classes. 4 workouts had a weightlifting focus.
  • May 2011:  Worked out 24 out of 31 days (77%), including 3 classes at Slimmons and 0 Boot Camp Classes. 13 workouts had a weightlifting focus.
  • June 2011:  Worked out 22 out of 30 days (73%), including 4 classes at Slimmons and 2 Boot Camp Classes. 10 workouts had a weightlighting focus.
  • July 2012:  Worked out 25 out of 31 days (80%), including 4 classes at Slimmons, 2 Boot Camp Classes and 5 training sessions. 20 workouts had a weightlifting focus.
  • TOTALS:  So far in 2011, I’ve worked out 166 out of 212 days (78%), including 29 classes at Slimmons and 14 Boot Camp Classes.

Keep it up, David!

2 Responses to July Progress Report

  1. Confessions says:

    Can’t wait to here what you saw while you were up here in Seattle. If I didn’t have pins in my toes I would have loved to meet up with you too and show you some sites around here.

    Impressive Calandar..Great Job this Month!!

  2. The 2011 totals blew my mind. Working out 166 of the 212 days! Wow!! That is awesome! I am struggling with breaking out the three day workout routine per week and get into the 4 days per week. Looking at the stats this way, motivates me a bit more to get it going. Great job!

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