Chart Update / Mango Nectarines

Two topics today.

1) Chart Update.  It’s Wednesday, which means yesterday was Tuesday, which means I got on the scale and weighed myself.  Down a pound!  Definitely moving in the right direction, especially after last week’s depressing 3-pound gain.  Here’s my chart:

That puts me at 238 pounds – a loss of 164 pounds.  I looked back over the chart, and it’s the 10th time since March that I’ve weighed in at 238 pounds – yay plateau!  Hopefully it’ll be the last time.

The week since my last weigh-in went really well.  I ate well (no convenience store pig-outs), and exercised 6 of the 7 days, including a boot camp class, a floor session with personal trainer Craig, and, of course, a Saturday morning at Slimmons.  This Saturday, Richard Simmons was dressed as… a cop.  His theme was “You’re Under Arrest!” and he played all-new music.  Here’s the video from that class – it’s long (10 minutes), and I didn’t watch all of it, since I was there, but you can definitely catch me in it – I’m hard to miss with my bright orange shirt!

Sunday was a rest day, and I knew I was due for a rest day because Richard’s class on Saturday was absolutely exhausting.  I felt tired and weak the whole time.  By the end, when we were doing the toning exercises, all I wanted to do was put the weights down and walk out.  But I didn’t.  And that was my cue that I was ready for a rest day.

2) Mango Nectarines.  Last week, I bought some new produce at Whole Foods that I’d never even heard of before: mango nectarines.  I love every single type of stone fruit I come across – peaches, nectarines, plums, apricots, and the hybrids between them, like the apriums I tried last week – so the second I saw mango nectarines at the store, I knew I’d be taking a couple home.  Here they are:

Purdy, aren’t they?  That small plate is saucer-sized, to give you an idea of how big they are.

So, when you hear ‘mango nectarine’, does your mind go straight to “could they possibly be a hybrid between mangoes and nectarines?”  Because that’s my mind went.  It was the first question I wanted answered when I started doing a little research.  And the answer to that question is… NO.

The mango nectarine is not related to a mango at all.  They’re called mango nectarines because they supposedly taste just like mangoes, both in flavor and texture.  I’ll be the judge of that.

I found a really interesting website (for a corporate fruit delivery company called The Fruitguys) that gave a little more information on mango nectarines, and nectarines in general.  Regular nectarines don’t look anything like they did 100 years ago:

Early California nectarines were green-skinned and white-fleshed. They were small but produced sweet-tasting varieties like the John Rivers, Gower, and Quetta. The look of the modern red-skinned nectarine came about in 1942 when Fred W. Anderson of Le Grand, Calif., introduced the Le Grand Nectarine. Since then, nectarines have been grown for deeper red color and larger sizes.

As for mango nectarines:

The Mango Nectarine is a cross of nectarine “sports.” A “sport” is a naturally-occurring abnormality in fruit trees. Grower David Kamada from Ito Fruit Company said: “We see one sport in every 40 acres of our trees. You may get one branch that throws off a new variety. When we find it in our orchard, we mark it and then try to propagate it to see if it is something worth keeping.” Growing a new variety takes two paths, grafting or budding. In the spring growers can take a bud from a new sport and put it onto a new limb of a tree. Grafting is a similar process which happens when the tree is dormant in winter. The Mango Nectarine is believed to be a cross of two old-variety pale nectarine sports.

How cool would it be to walk through a huge orchard of fruit trees, and find the one branch on the one tree that was growing a wholly different variety of fruit?

That info really whetted my appetite.  I was ready to taste.  So I cut open one of the mango nectarines…

…and took a big bite:

It does taste like mango!  It’s odd, really, how much it tastes and feels like mango.  After chewing a little bit, the mango gives way to a more standard nectarine flavor, but when you first bite down, you realize instantly how perfectly the fruit is named.

I bought three mango nectarines and I ate all three in one sitting.  Well, I ate 2 and a quarter of them.  One of them was just awful – bitter and foul-tasting, almost like blue cheese, which is a delightful flavor for cheese but not so good for fruit.  I examined the rest of that one for signs of mold or rot, but it looked just like the others.  It was just a bad piece of fruit.

I read online that the season for mango nectarines was pretty short – just July and August – so start looking around now if you want to try a mango nectarine.  I’d definitely buy them again.

Keep it up, David!

7 Responses to Chart Update / Mango Nectarines

  1. Christina Georgievski says:

    HI D….Like you I am getting on the scale today for my weight watchers weekly weigh in. I think I have gained 3 lbs from last week too. I feel scared but I know I have to get on it and find out the reality of a bad week of indulging but yet I still managed to play volleyball at the beach on saturday and a long bike ride on sunday. It’s all about getting back on track! I love reading your posts! I checked out slimmons not too bad on price I might hit up a workout there on a saturday once in a while sounds like fun and from 10-1 that’s definitely a great workout!!!!

  2. Yeah those blue cheese peaches were a real waste of time.

  3. missmarisol says:

    I gotta find this fruit. Mango is probably on the top of my love of fruit.

    I wish there was a Slimmons everywhere. One of the things I don’t like about the DVDs is the music. I can’t get myself into the disco era. I think I would enjoy the workouts more with more current music. But that’s besides the point. Going to a Slimmons class is on my life list.

    Congrats on the loss and on being active. Woot woot!

    • David says:

      Next time you’re in LA, you’ll have to come take a class! Every Saturday class is themed (disco, ’80s, brand-new music, Lady Gaga, etc), but the Tuesday & Thursday classes are generally a healthy mix of old and newer. Keep it up!

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