What Makes Me Mad. What Makes Me Happy.

Yesterday I said I was still processing the three-pound gain I had this week, but the truth is that, unlike the manufacturing of Velveeta, there’s not much to process.  I have to work on losing it.  Scratch that – I am working on losing it.  Last night I went to my boot camp class, and my ass was kicked, and I ate well yesterday and have eaten well so far today.  I’ve also been thinking good thoughts (and your wonderful comments on yesterday’s post really helped).

There.  Processing finished.  Back to life.

I have two things to share today – something that pisses me off, and something that delighted me to no end.  Which first?  Let’s get the piss out of my system (which is something I’ve already done 4 times today – thanks to the gallon of water I drink daily):

What Makes Me Mad:  My RediSetGo.  Shocking, right?  I think I might be falling out of love.  A little backstory:  The RediSetGo is (was?) my favorite informercial product (watch the informercial here), and I’ve devoted SEVENTEEN (!) blog posts to food and recipes that I’ve created on it (they’re archived here).  Less than two months ago, I said goodbye to my old RediSetGo and hello to my new one, which I hoped would last me a good year – a long time for anything bought off the TV, don’t you think?

Well, the non-stick coating on my brand-new RediSetGo, after just a handful of uses, is already peeling.  Take a look:

I was cleaning my RediSetGo after I last used it, and there seemed to be some crud on it that wasn’t coming off.  So I put a little more elbow grease into it (using a soft sponge that wouldn’t scratch the finish), and it still wouldn’t come off.  Then I realized it wasn’t crud at all, but the nonstick finish bubbling from underneath.  FANTASTIC.

The RediSetGo is still technically usable, as there are insert trays that I have that would prevent any food from coming in contact with that gross surface.  I’m still pissed, though, that this new RediSetGo only lasted a couple months.

So.  What I need to do is find the receipt and check if there’s a warranty, and if it still applies if I didn’t buy the product directly from the RediSetGo folks (I bought it from Amazon).

I also think it’s time to try to get ahold of the RediSetGo folks and show them all the love I’ve been giving their product for the past 8 months.  A few of you have confessed to buying their product because of this blog, and they need to know that.  This is where I need your help:  I can’t find a contact for RediSetGo.  I can find their customer service line, but that’ll just be a call center.  I want someone in marketing, publicity or public relations.  If any of you have a second and want to help me scour the interwebs, that’d be fantastic!  Drop me a line at keepitupdavid@gmail.com if you find anything!

What Makes Me Happy:  Angel’s Flight.  It’s the little things that make me happy, and this certainly qualifies as little!  Angel’s Flight is a funicular (a type of angled railway) in downtown Los Angeles that is billed as the shortest railroad in the world.

That’s all of it, in that picture.  It’s 300 feet long, and takes riders up the steep hill between Hill and Grand.  Angel’s Flight costs a quarter to ride, so yesterday, when I was in the area, I plopped down 50 cents and bought myself a round-trip ticket:

Inside the funicular (it has stadium seating!):

On the ride down:

It doesn’t look like I have any teeth in that pic, but I do.

I think everyone’s lives would benefit from more funiculars.  I think Suzanne Somers might agree – I once read her Palm Springs compound had a funicular.

Angel’s Flight is a landmark – it’s been around for 110 years, when Bunker Hill, where it’s located, was a ritzy residential neighborhood (now it’s home to the tallest office buildings in the city).  There’s been stretches where it’s been closed, but it’s in operation now, and, despite living in Los Angeles for 9 years, this was my first time on it.  It won’t be my last!

Keep it up, David!

6 Responses to What Makes Me Mad. What Makes Me Happy.

  1. Tara Kaberry says:

    Awesome… if I am ever back in LA… I will certainly put it on my list. I may get on .. but never get off… looks so cute and otherworldly. 🙂
    As for the RedisetGo… looks like it readysetwent 😦

  2. Caron says:

    How fun! I would definitely like to see and ride that little train. Good luck with losing the extra pounds. 🙂

  3. Lynn says:

    Oh man, the RediSetGo was one of my favorite segments of Keep It Up David! It really makes me angry when products don’t live up to their potential. I love my Soda Stream, that was a great gadget, but really in the grand scheme George Foreman has got the corner on the inside cooker, grill, call it what you will. I hope you get a refund and let them know how disappointed you are.
    I love experiencing LA through your eyes! Thanks!
    Keep it Up, David!

  4. The RediSetGo news is disappointing to say the least. I planned on buying one once I arrived in L.A. I’ll probably buy a George Foreman instead. Love those, but the one I have now is too big.

    I want to ride a funicular! It sounds, um, fun…:)

  5. Jessica says:

    There’s a funicular in Pittsburgh, called the Duquesne Incline. It’s been around forever, too! You may have seen it in the movie Flashdance.

    I’m sorry to hear about your RediSetGo!

    • David says:

      Never been to Pittsburgh, and, oddly enough, never seen Flashdance! But should I make it to Pittsburgh, you better believe I’m finding that funicular! -D

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