My Incredible Shrinking Clothes – T-Shirt Edition UPDATE

I watched a rerun of “The Golden Girls” yesterday while putting off going to the gym (I eventually went, so don’t you fret), and I’d like to take a little inspiration from Sophia and start this blog the way she would start her stories:

Picture it: September, 2010, Los Angeles.  A young man has lost 136 pounds in about 8 months, and notices that he has to rapidly replace his wardrobe, as he is getting way too small for the clothes he used to wear.  He sets aside a few token pieces of clothes that he used to wear at his heaviest, and donates tons of clothes – they literally fill up his trunk and the entire backseat of his car – to Goodwill.  Then, he creates a visual comparison by lining up a few of his t-shirts.  On September 25, 2010, just twelve days after starting his blog, this young man posted this photo:

The blue shirt on the bottom is size 3XLT.

The gray shirt in the middle is size 2XLT.

The orange shirt on top is size XL, and what the young man was wearing in September.

Now, 9 months later and 30 additional pounds lighter, that young man has an exciting Shrinking Clothes Update!

Okay – I’m tired of talking in the third person.  Obviously, the young man is me, and, yes, I’m referring to myself as ‘young’ even though I’m in my early thirties!

About two weeks ago, I wanted to buy a couple new shirts to exercise in.  I went to a store and tried a few on, but didn’t find anything that I loved, or that fit wonderfully, so I left empty-handed.  A few days later I went into a different store, and tried a few more shirts on, and, again – no luck.  Nothing seemed to be fitting.

Then, right there in the dressing room, I had an idea.  I had been grabbing XL-sized shirts to try on… could it be I was ready to fit into a size Large?  Only one way to find out!

About 6 minutes later, I was walking back to my car, with my new purchase in hand.  It’s a size Large, and I’ve already worn it, and love it.  Wanna see it compared to my old shirts?  Here it is:

The blue shirt on the bottom is size 3XLT.  (Yep, I still have it, tucked in the back of my closet – I saved it precisely for moments like this).

The orange shirt in the middle is size XL.  (The 2XLT gray shirt in the previous photo has moved on to a new life courtesy of Goodwill)

The red shirt on top is a size L.  A size L!  I lined up the bottom right corner of all three so you can see exactly how much my clothes have shrunk.

I love my red shirt.  I love it so much I bought it in two other colors.  You’ve already seen one of the other colors – I’m wearing it in the photo at the end of this post.

And you like this Incredible Shrinking Clothes post, you should check out my other ones, too!  You can easily find them by clicking on “My Favorite Posts” at the top of the page, and scrolling just a bit.

I’ve had clothes shrink before – thanks to the dryer.  But knowing that nowadays it’s me, and not the clothes that are shrinking… well, it makes me want to scream like Kermit!

Keep it up, David!

6 Responses to My Incredible Shrinking Clothes – T-Shirt Edition UPDATE

  1. Mom says:

    Congrats David…..I had to actually click on Kermit to hear his yaaaaay…..

  2. Jess says:

    Great job!! I just did a comparison like this too with my jeans! What an amazing feeling!!!!!!!!!!! WTG!

  3. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I love love love this post! Woooooo! =) Keep it up David! =)

  4. Tim says:

    Hi David,

    I found your blog through Kelly’s blog (Kellyislosingweight) and just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the last hour or so reading your blog and also checking out your appearance on Ellen.

    As a guy trying to lose weight, it’s always great to meet other guys going through similar experiences and hopefully we can give each other advice and support in our journey to reach our goals. I look forward to reading your future posts.

    All the best and congratulations on everything you’ve achieved so far.


  5. Ellen says:

    Nice work, man! Really glad to see you’re doing so well.

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