Mas Malo AND New Before/Current Photos!

Yesterday I headed downtown and met up with my friends Heather and John for lunch.  Heather came up in my blog two weeks ago, when we had a delicious (and noisy) dinner at Bottega Louie.  John was working and wasn’t available to join us then, but both Heather and John were free today (they work on a touring musical, so their work hours are mostly nights and weekends), so we headed to a place that I heard great things about (Heather and John had heard good things too): Mas Malo.

Malo is a popular Mexican restaurant and bar in Silver Lake (a neighborhood not too far from downtown Los Angeles) that’s really good, despite its name, which means ‘bad’ in Spanish.  Recently, the folks behind Malo opened a second restaurant downtown, which they cleverly called “Mas Malo” (More Bad).  It’s in a beautiful space that was originally a jewelry store that opened in the ’20s: high, ornate, carved ceilings, lots of rich wood panelling – I took a picture, but it didn’t turn out well, so you can check out the pics on their website.

Generally speaking, I’ve been staying away from Mexican food lately, because, compared to other cuisines, Mexican menus are difficult to order off of if you’re try to eat healthy, like I am.  Everything on them is so tempting, too!  What isn’t delicious when it’s wrapped in a tortilla and covered in cheese, sour cream, and guacamole?  But most good, trendy establishments in Los Angeles offer menu items geared towards the health-conscious, and Mas Malo was no exception.

I ordered their Grilled Local Fish Salad, and the fish today was Red Snapper.  The salad part was cabbage, spinach, tomato, and some avocado.  It was dressed in olive oil and lime juice, but I had them hold the oil off of mine.  How good does this look?

It tasted even better.  The fish was really flavorful.  Heather and John got chips and salsa, and the salsa they ordered (because Mas Malo has five different kinds) was Burnt Habanero and Creme, so I tried a few teaspoons of that with my fish, and it was amazing.  And spicy, which I don’t mind at all!  I could feel the residual heat in the back of my mouth a good half hour after finishing our meal.  I’d totally go back to Mas Malo – no doubt about it.

OH – And this is VERY exciting: I have a new  “Before” and “Current” photo comparison to share!  I meant to do this a few weeks ago, but forgot.  One of the “Before” pictures that I’ve been using throughout this whole weight loss shebang is this one:

It’s a classic “Before” picture:  I look huge (which I was), and it’s also wonderfully unflattering, even for a “Before” pic:  I’m shiny, I look tired (which I’m sure I was, as the photo was taken around 1am), there are sweat marks on my shirt, I hate my hair, and that background isn’t doing any favors whatsoever (it’s this weird glowing wall in the basement of a downtown skyscraper).

Literally millions of people have seen this picture.  It was featured on Richard Simmons’ website last summer, when I was his featured success story (read what I wrote here), and it was shown on national television when I was a guest on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” (which you can watch here).

But I’m not the only one in the picture… I cropped out Heather!  Wanna see the whole picture?  Here it is, I’m showing it publicly for the very first time:

Ugh – that background is so hideous.  SO.  HIDEOUS.

That photo was taken in August of 2009, and with Heather back in town now, I thought it’d be good fun to take another photo of the two of us together.  Because I’m not the only one who’s lost weight!  Heather has, over the past year or so, dropped 50 pounds and kept it off!  She did it using Weight Watchers, and it’s amazing and wonderful.  Everything about Heather, for that matter, is amazing and wonderful.

John took a picture of Heather and I today outside of Mas Malo, so here we are two years later – and what you don’t see is the 215 pounds we’ve collectively lost:

And here’s the side-by-side (for maximum comparison):

If you wanna see more “Before” and “Current” photos, check out the Photo Gallery – there’s some good pics there!

One more photo for I wrap this up…  My friend Amanda sent me this picture yesterday:

Amanda made my zucchini salad recipe that I blogged about the other day and sent a photo of the end result!  This really made my day.  Amanda made the recipe her own: she added chicken and black beans for protein, and a little feta on top, and served it on a bed of lettuce.

Does my blog or my recipes inspire you in the kitchen?  Send me your pics!  Find out how to contact me here.

Keep it up Amanda, and keep it up Heather, and…

…Keep it up, David!

9 Responses to Mas Malo AND New Before/Current Photos!

  1. Confessions says:

    The Fish Salad looks really good. Love the new pictures. Congrats to Heather for her success too.

  2. Jess says:

    WOW! Congrats to you both! You both look AMAZING!

  3. Nurse Karen says:

    You all are amazing! So proud of you!! wow. Double Wow!! xo

  4. Christina Georgievski says:

    Thanks! I work in downtown LA and will try Mas Malo soon!!!

  5. PGK says:

    So, you have been up and down in pretty much the same weight range since I last saw you, but I can confirm from this photo what I suspected all along – that your physique has changed a lot even though you’ve been on a bit of a plateau. You look smokin’ hot! Everything looks lean and muscle-y and fit! Holy moly.

    • David says:

      Ha – thanks, Penny! I’ve definitely been noticing more muscle in my upper body… that’s a blog post I’ve been meaning to write about…

  6. Amanda says:

    Thanks for the salad feature David!! My plate is famous now!! I’m loving all your new veggie posts. =)

  7. Teresa says:

    Wowza! You two look great! I’m no where near my final goal but This inspires me to keep it up. Keep it up, David! And many thanks for sharing your story with us!

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