Chart Update: Third Time’s A Charm

It’s Tuesday, so this morning, I stepped on the scale.  I was hoping to lose a pound – the same pound I gained last week.  And what did the scale say?

I LOST THAT POUND!  Here’s my chart:

I’m back down to 237, which is my lowest weight ever.  It puts me back at 165 pounds lost.  Because of some minor ups and downs with my weight loss the past few months, it’s actually the third time I’ve weighed 237, and hopefully the third time’s a charm, and I’ll just keep powering through and continue to lose weight instead of bouncing back up to 238.  I’m still 17 pounds away from my 220-pound goal.

And yes, observant chart-followers, I still haven’t fixed the chart from two weeks ago when I put the dot in the wrong spot (twice).  I do plan on rectifying that situation soon.

Here’s the whole chart:

A few hours ago, I tweeted that I’d be hitting the gym tonight:

(Here’s the link to my Twitter feed, just in case you want to follow me!)

I sent that tweet just before leaving the office for the day, and when I made it to my car, I realized that I forgot my gym bag (which happens about once every 2 or 3 weeks, it seems), so I headed home first to grab a change of clothes.  Can anyone predict how this story ends?  Yep – I never made it to the gym.  I feel fine about it though – I’ve worked out the past 7 days in a row, ending with last night’s successful run, and I’m planning on heading to bed early – tomorrow and Thursday are gonna be big, busy, long days at work.  Today was a long, busy day too, but I knew it would be, and I brought lots of fruit and veggies from home to snack on.  I wasn’t a boy scout growing up, but their motto “Always Be Prepared” is a good one!

Keep it up, David!


One Response to Chart Update: Third Time’s A Charm

  1. Kenlie says:

    Yay! You’re lowest weight…..just incredible!

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