Chart Update: Easy Come, Easy Go

Tuesday was weigh-in day.  Wanna know what happened?

This happened:

A couple things to note:

  1. I haven’t fixed my chart from last week, when I messed it up by putting the dot in the wrong place.  Twice.
  2. I gained a pound.

I’m not happy about the pound, but I’m not surprised either.  As I mentioned the other day, I missed some workouts last week.  I missed another workout last night, because of my dinner plans with Heather (which was fantastic – read about it here).

So that’s three workouts that I skipped – and all three happened after my planned rest day, which means a total of 4 days in the last week were exercise-free.  No bueno.

In addition, I wasn’t great with my food.  I wasn’t horrible, either, but I was a little slack about portions, and ate a few things I normally would have skipped (including some fudge that was delivered to my office).  I’ve been keeping a food log, but I didn’t log any of my food last week.

So.  I’m not surprised I gained that pound.

Here’s a look at my whole chart.  Lately, it’s been zig-zagging back and forth between the same few pounds:

I have a whole week until I weight myself again.  And the first day of that week was fantastic.  I started logging my food again, and tonight, for the first time since April 19, I went to a boot camp class!  The class I go to is led by Craig Ramsay, and it’s really fun and really tough.  Craig has been out of town a lot in the past two months, which is why he hasn’t been teaching, and I’m glad he’s back, because his class was just what I needed to get this week off to a good start.

Tonight’s class involved a lot of super-sets, which involves doing 20 reps of bicep curls, flys, push-ups, or something like that, and then immediately go into walking lunges or squats, going across the room and back, and then immediately repeating the first exercise, and so on.  I did the entire workout with a 10-pound weight in each hand, and by the end I was ready to fling them through a window, except for that I don’t think I had the strength.  I was ready to collapse.  I noticed my legs quaking and trembling just standing in the parking lot afterwards.  I’m gonna be sore tomorrow!

The best part of the class was that Craig noticed improvement on my part, and complimented me on my shoulders and arms…  looks like all the weights I’ve been doing lately have been paying off!

My fantastic Tuesday ended with a visit to Whole Foods – I arrived 20 minutes before they closed, so I kinda raced through and grabbed what I needed, without looking for any new types of produce, like I normally do.  I should’ve taken a picture of the produce I did buy for the blog, but I forgot, and it was late, and now it’s already all put away.  Oh wellYou all know what fruits and vegetables look like.

Keep it up, David!


9 Responses to Chart Update: Easy Come, Easy Go

  1. That’s true! We do know what fruits and veggies look like so unless you pound purple tomatoes (seems like something you would do) or neon green carrots then you’re excused from the photo this time. 😉

    I’m going back and forth within the same couple of pounds too, and it’s no bueno. But it hasn’t been surprising based on some of my choices so I’ve been trying harder this week.

    It sounds like your life is very busy now, but it’s great to hear that you’re spending time with friends and doing kick a$$ workouts too. I’m quite sure the chart with start seeing a downward trend again soon.

  2. Nurse Karen says:

    Life is about finding your own balance, enjoying the journey, savoring the simple pleasures in life, and food {even fudge!} is one of them. I doubt the one piece of fudge caused the 16 ounces of gain. I suspect water weight again, as you are doing more weights. When muscles are challenged, inflammation is present which is water rushing into & around the cells with the macrophages & healing ions, etc.. Fluid intake is important, too. I’m proud of you for continuing the path to wholeness and health. ^_^

  3. anvancafitcoach says:

    Have you measured you arms, waist, etc? Given that you are doing weights, you may have shifted weight from fat to muscle. If so, you may ironically weigh more, but actually, be in better shape. Muscle is denser than fat so it weighs more; plus, it has the added benefit of being more metabolically active (burn more calories at rest). You may want to get your body fat measured because at a certain point, absolute weight become less relevant.

  4. Alix says:

    Ah yes, I forgot about the muscle mass factor too…when I was trying to lose 20 pounds, my trainer at the gym measured me every week, but never weighed me after the first time (to calculate my BMI, I believe).

    I really got on here to say, way to keep your head up during a kind of blah week. And, I got a cherimoya at the farmer’s market based on your rave review, and boy was it amazing! Hope you’re having a great summer.


  5. No es bueno. Oh, and I saw red celery the other day! At least, I think it was red celery. Sorry, no pic though.

    • David says:

      I thought I saw red celery once and it turned out to be rhubarb! I’ve eaten rhubarb, but never bought it. Not sure what I’d do with it!

  6. Linda says:

    Hay David,
    Yuor blog is amazing!

    //: Linda from Finland

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