Love Handles

It’s been a long day, so I’m gonna keep this short so I can head to bed.  I just finished watching an episode of “Love Handles: Couple in Crisis” on Lifetime.  Has anyone else seen this show?  This week’s episode aired a few nights ago, but I just got around to watching it on my TiVo.  I became aware of it because I saw this promo that immediately caught my attention:

Holy cow!  I thought they surely must have used all the best parts from the episode in the promo, but NOPE!  There’s plenty more dysfunction to fill the hour!

The show takes couples that are struggling with their health, and teams them up with a doctor, trainer, dietician, and couples counselor for a 8-week program that’s aired to help the couples work through their issues and get healthier.

The episode (and that promo) featured Tim and Drew, a gay couple that are constantly fighting.  Both are trying to lose weight, and have conflicting strategies that are so different that they can’t even eat together at the same time.  Drew is on a low-carb diet, whereas Tim buys junk food, only to dump it out the window of his car while he’s driving so he doesn’t eat it.  He’ll also take bites of food, and spit it out instead of swallowing so he doesn’t absorb the calories.

The two guys make great TV, and I wanted to not pass judgment about them, but that was hard, mainly because of all the bat-shit crazy things they say and do.  In addition to being continually entertained and appalled, I was reminded of the importance of taking responsibility for your actions, choices, and decisions.  You can watch the entire episode online here, and I completely recommend it. (There’s another couple in the episode, but I fast-forwarded through their segments because I wanted to see more Tim and Drew.)

As for me, I planned to go to the gym tonight, but I never made it.  I don’t feel bad about it, either… I’ve had great workouts the past 6 days in a row… so I’m due for a rest day.

Keep it up, David!


7 Responses to Love Handles

  1. Crystal says:

    OMG! I tried so hard to watch that show. The things people say to each other just broke my heart. I can not believe that people actually who claim to love each other can be so cruel.

    • Michelle Jackson says:

      Just remember, this show was cancelled. It’s rumored that the participants are putting together a class action suit regarding what was happening behind the scenes. Seems as though the entire show was a set up to make everyone fail. I’m not sure how that is possible, but that’s the word. Something about the production crew setting up the couples, lying to the spouses, and then trying to get them to fight on camera. When couples found this out, the realized they were lied to by the doctors and the crew. It’s not reality when it’s not reality.

      • David says:

        I had heard it was cancelled but hadn’t heard any rumors. I’m curious about the rumored lawsuit, but based on what I’ve read about reality show contracts, I have a hunch it won’t get very far. Thanks for the update.

  2. ragemichelle says:

    I think I’m odd..and the people are around me are odd..But that pales in comparison to reality TV odd. Sheesh..

  3. It does sound like a hot mess indeed!! It’s always so crazy to me how people go on national television showcasing their dysfunctional behavior since I keep mine hidden, HA…Tim’s issues with food sounds worse off than his husband. I hope the medical professionals can give them the help they need! I always wonder if the people who go on these self help shows are better off after they leave.

  4. Kenlie says:

    Um, wow…I’m not even sure how to respond to that video…

  5. Jennifer says:

    I watched the whole episode hoping Tim and Drew would finally open up to receive the care that was being provided. It was so sad to see that they didn’t use any of the help. Makes me wonder why they applied to the tv show to get free help if they weren’t going to listen or try. Why didn’t they even try? Aaaaargh! It was so saddening.

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