Food Network Star and Chart Update

1) Food Network Star Exercise Game.  You’ve probably played drinking games while watching TV at some point in your life, right?  Well, here’s an exercise game for you, to get you moving while you watch TV!

How many of you are fans of Food Network Star on Food Network?  Season 7 premiered last Sunday night; it airs at 9pm.  I watch every year as finalists compete in cooking and camera challenges, and get eliminated one by one, until there’s a winner, who’s given their own show on the Food Network.  Guy Fieri is the biggest name to come out of the show – he won season 2, and while I’m not really a fan, he has gone on to host 4 shows on Food Network, as well as a game show, Minute to Win It, on NBC.  Oh, and click here to see a picture of me and Debbie Lee, a season 5 finalist, who I met a few months ago through a mutual friend, and check out her food truck!

This year the title is shorter (it used to be Next Food Network Star, but they dropped the Next), but the show is bigger than ever.  They’re starting with 15 finalists (up from 12 last year, and nearly double the 8 they had in seasons 1 and 2), which means it will probably have more episodes this season than ever before, too.

It probably means we’ll also hear the phrase “culinary point-of-view” more times than ever before, as well.  And that’s where the game comes in.  If you haven’t watched before, one of the things the finalists are critiqued on is their culinary point-of-view (I’ll call it CPOV from now on): what they bring to the Food Network table that will set them apart from from the other cooking shows on the air.  Paula Deen’s CPOV is down-home southern cuisine, while Giada’s CPOV in Italian, and Sandra Lee’s CPOV is semi-homemade (i.e. opening cans of soup and pouring them on chicken breasts), and so on.  The finalists have to develop their own CPOV and show it off in the challenges, and it leads to the show’s judging saying the phrase CPOV over and over and over and over and over again: “I just don’t think so-and-so’s CPOV is strong enough.” “I wish what’s-her-face’s dish related more to her CPOV”  Last season it drove me batty.

So, last night, I exchanged many tweets with my friends Jen and Casey, and we (although it was mostly them), came up with an exercise game to take advantage of the frequency that the phrase “CPOV” is used, and turn some annoying into something productive.  We want you to join in.  It’s really simple:

Every time the phrase “Culinary Point-of-View” is said on Food Network Star, we’re going to complete either 5 push-ups or 10 crunches.  Doesn’t matter who says it: a judge, a finalist, no matter.  For now, we’re not going to count when it’s used in the promos or “Coming Up” teases that they show before the commercial breaks.  And if you want to do something different, like chin-ups or jumping jacks, than do it!  The point is that given how much that term has been used in past seasons, we might actually burn some calories!  Share your ideas in the comments section, or use the Twitter hashtag #NFNSWorkout.

The next episode airs this Sunday at 9pm.  So wear comfy clothes, tune in, and get ready to get up off the couch!

Who’s in?

Moving on…

2) Weigh-in.  Yesterday was Tuesday, which meant that I stepped on the scale.  And the scale reported a very lovely number indeed: 237!  Down 1 pound!  165 pounds lost!  This is very exciting news – it means I’m back down to my lowest weight ever.  Time to update the chart:

Wondering what the hell I did to my chart?  I messed it up, that’s what.  It must have been my excitement in losing a pound.  Here’s what happened:  I counted over the days, and made a dot.  Then I stepped back, and realized that I put the dot in the wrong place – it would be in the right place had I maintained my weight at 238, but I lost a pound, so the dot was in the wrong spot.  SO.  I made a new dot, directly below my old dot, to reflect the one-pound loss.  Then I stepped back again, and realized I hadn’t counted over enough days.  Yesterday was the 7th of June, not the 6th.  Goddamnit!  So I made the third, accurate dot, and added the arrow to help clarify things.

I’m tempted to re-do that entire page of the chart, because I’m super annoyed that I messed it up, but I’ll sleep on that before doing anything more.  Or maybe just buy some white-out.  Or steal borrow some from the office.  (Is joking about stealing borrowing office supplies grounds for termination?  Guess I’ll find out.)

I mentioned above that I’m back down to my lowest weight ever.  I say that because I’ve weighed 237 before:  I weighed in at 237 on March 17th, and maintained it for a week before gaining a pound back.  I’ve gained and lost a few pounds since then, too.  Check out my chart since March:

Now I’m really eager to lose another pound, just so I can hit my new all-time low, and keep going from there.  Only 17 pounds from my next goal!

And because I don’t think I’ve shown it in a few weeks, here’s my chart in its entirety – I’m almost ready to add my 8th page!

Keep it up, David!

9 Responses to Food Network Star and Chart Update

  1. Heidikristen says:

    Guess what?!?! I hit 237 today… my lowest weight in 7 years… and 66 pounds GONE!!! Thanks, David, for sharing your POV with us!

  2. Sheilah Lowe says:

    Count me in on the FNS CPOV!! Congrats on that lost pound!!! Keep it up, David!!

  3. Pat says:

    Forwarding to DW to resolve the “white out” situation.

  4. Kristin Adams says:

    David!!! You are so inspiring! Since coming back out to California, I have joined Weight Watchers and have lost 20 pounds!!!! It feels so good to have that weight gone and I don’t ever want to look back! Every pound counts! Keep it up David!

    • David says:

      Nice, Kristin! 20 pounds is fantastic. So glad you like the blog, and I hope everything is going well for you. What have you been up to? (You don’t have to tell me on my blog – you could tell me on FB) 🙂

  5. Lynn Mackie says:

    I have watched Food Network Star from the beginning and I am team Orchid right now. If Penny is bringing sexy back (to the kitchen) she needs to talk to Justin Timberlake to get some pointers, because that biotch is not sexy in the least bit!
    Way to go on the weight loss David! Whoot whoot!!!!!! I am so excited for you!

    Going to grill some water melon this weekend, I know my husband won’t try it, but it looked amazing! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Sara says:

    I’ve never heard of this show, but then again I don’t have cable so I don’t feel too bad that I’m behind. I wish I did have cable at times though, I love certain shows. If only I could pick and choose what I pay for and it not cost an arm and a leg to do so. 😦

    Congrats on the weight loss! Want to know something funny, I hit my goal this week of losing at least a pound and I was so happy. Actually, you and I are basically the same weight, but I’m a chick and shorter than you—yikes. I’m at 236.4 and I only have the .4 to lose and it’ll be my first 10 pounds lost!!! 🙂

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