Orange Flesh Melon

Last week I brought home a new item that I’ve never tried before from the produce section at Whole Foods: An orange flesh melon.  I mentioned its purchase in this blog post, and shortly thereafter, a buddy who posts comments under a pseudonym posted this comment:  “MMMMMM. Flesh Melons.”  His goal, when he comments, is to make me laugh, and this one did the trick (most of them do, actually).  Seventh-grade titty humor gets me every time!  Since then, every morning when I saw the orange flesh melon sitting on my counter (it needed to ripen), my mind went straight to the gutter, and I tried to come up with a stupid pun or double entendre, along the lines of “David got kicked out of Whole Foods for squeezing other customers’ flesh melons.”  Stupid dirty jokes aren’t a bad way to start the day.  You should try it sometime!

Yesterday, the flesh melon seemed plenty ripe – time to dig in!  Here’s the melon:

See? An orange flesh melon!

After I bought it, I did some research on the interwebs and learned that the orange flesh melon is a hybrid between a cantaloupe and a honeydew.  The orange flesh is (obviously) a trait inherited from the cantaloupe side of the family tree, while the taste and rind comes from the honeydew side.  It’s also smaller than both cantaloupes and honeydews… although I don’t know if that’s true of all orange flesh melons, or just the batch that were at Whole Foods when I was there shopping.

Time to crack this sucker open!

The suspense is killing me!  Is the flesh really going to be orange?

YES, IT IS!  I scooped out the seeds, and gave it a taste:

Delicious!  It’s kinda bizarre, actually – I’m so accustomed to orange melon tasting like cantaloupe, but the interwebs was accurate – this orange flesh melon tasted just like a honeydew.  It was sweet and perfectly ripe, and I felt like I was getting punked by some farmers somewhere with every bite.

It didn’t stop me from eating half of it in a matter of minutes, though:

The other half is sitting in my fridge – it’ll be part of my breakfast tomorrow!

One more double entendre:  “Joanie always felt a little insecure about the size of her flesh melons, but still liked showing them off in the checkout line.”

A couple links before I wrap this post up.

1) This morning, my mom emailed me to gave me a heads up that they were making kale chips on “Down Home with the Neelys” on Food Network.  Since my mom lives three times zones ahead of me, I was able to tune in a little while later and watch for myself.  It’s basically the same recipe that I used in my recent kale chips post, with one notable addition: Gina Neely sprinkled brown sugar on them after they came out of the oven.  She said they counterbalanced the kale, since kale is naturally a little bitter.  Brown sugar on kale doesn’t sound appealing to me at all – and, as my mom pointed out, it didn’t really stick to the kale anyway.  But if you’re looking for a way to sweeten up your kale chips, give it a whirl!  You can find the recipe here.

2) Do any of you read Jack Sh*t, Gettin’ Fit?  Jack is a really wonderful weight loss blogger who uses humor to motivate himself and others, and he’s really funny.  He does a really inspiring recurring post called W.I.D.T.H (Why I Do This Here), where other bloggers and readers share, via photograph, the reasons why losing weight and/or healthy living are so important to them.  Guess what?  Yours truly is featured in this week’s W.I.D.T.H. post!  You can check it out here, and, while you’re there, look around on Jack Sh*t’s site – I bet you’ll enjoy it!

Keep it up, David!


8 Responses to Orange Flesh Melon

  1. This post was educational AND entertaining hehe Keep it Up David!

  2. Cheri says:

    where do you get all of this cool fruit? I LOVE cantaloupe and honeydew melons, and yet we never get any hybrid fruits out here it seems! (or multi-colored carrots that I would still be scared for eating!)

    • David says:

      Lately I’ve been finding my new types of produce at Whole Foods, but I keep an eye out everywhere – and have often picked up new things at farmers’ markets and the regular supermarkets in my neighborhood! And you should definitely try the rainbow carrots if you stumble across them. If you close your eyes, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference!

  3. Pat says:

    That comment was NOT 7th grade humor, and I take offense! It was at LEAST 9th grade! (Add rim shot SFX here)

  4. Bananas says:

    Funny. I found your blog by searching for ‘melons with orange flesh’. I was shopping at the local farmers’ market last weekend. The owner saw me eying half of an orange melon (cut and shrink-wrapped). She came over and told me to take it with me when I checked out! She said it was called Honeybuck, but I can’t find any reference on the ‘net. It looks identical to yours, only much larger.

    I wouldn’t know about large melons; years back my favorite t-shirt read “The smaller the grapes, the sweeter the wine,” with two appropriately-positioned bunches of grapes. 😉

    Congrats on your success, David!

    • David says:

      That’s a funny t-shirt. And now I’ll have to keep my eyes open for Honeybucks! Glad you found my blog – hope you liked what you read. Come back whenever you want! The door is always open. -David

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