Counting the Days…

Anyone want to guess what I’m holding in this picture?

Any guesses?  Anyone?

It’s confirmation of my purchase of a new RediSetGo!

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged about the RediSetGo, my very favorite infomercial product (watch the infomercial here).  Here’s the thing: my RediSetGo has seen better days.  The timer is broken and the non-stick coating is starting to peel away (which is no bueno).  It’s been about a month since we played What’s In The RediSetGo, and almost a month and a half since I spent a Friday night on a failed shopping trip, when I came home without a RediSetGo in my hands.

Earlier today, after talking with a co-worker about a variety of informercial products, I looked around online and saw that RediSetGos (or is it RediSetGoes?) were on sale (25% off) on Amazon.  Their price was now $29.99, and since they qualified for free shipping (a great Amazon perk), that’d be the total cost.  Meanwhile, the RediSetGo website is currently running a promotion where you get TWO RediSetGos for $69.80, or $34.90 apiece.  Lastly, compare that to the As Seen On TV Store at the mall, where my friends Heidi and Tom saw them for sale (and promptly texted me) for $69.99 eachHighway robbery!

Amazon, you just made yourself a sale!

But wait, there’s more!  As I went through the checkout process, I learned that I had an Amazon credit or gift card that I hadn’t used.  I’ve been racking my brain, but, honestly, I have no recollection where this came from (it’s been a while since I’ve purchased anything on Amazon – but I’ll take it!)  That knocked $24.01 off the price, meaning I only paid $5.98 for a brand-spanking-new RediSetGo!

And I only have to wait 5-9 business days before it arrives!  I don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep until then.

If you want to get a $29.99 RediSetGo, then click here.  You gotta act quickly – as of right now, as I type this, they only have 4 more in stock.  Who’s gonna get them?

Keep it up, David!

4 Responses to Counting the Days…

  1. Mom says:

    OMG – this blog post is an infomercial in itself! Go David!!

  2. mary schmitt says:

    we must have originally saw that same infomercial- as i then got 2
    gave 1 to michael as he was setting up an apt—–we both loved it
    and as a matter of fact—just found mine again as we were moving mike to ann arbor— where he and katie moved may5 as she will start law school in june b4 their wedding in aug — so i too now will start using mine again !! thank you david for posting
    loved everything i tried b4 and can not wait!!!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Oh my gosh, I love that infomercial – the device looks so handy. I didn’t get it but I did get a little toaster /convection /broiler oven last summer that’s so handy. Enjoy your new ReadySetGo!

  4. Karen says:

    I loved everything about this post… the picture, the price shopping, the “but wait there’s more”. Still laughing 🙂 Way to be, David!

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