What a fantastic, busy weekend it was!

I spent a lot of time with my friend Natalie, who was in town from New York.  She came along on Saturday morning to Slimmons, and had a ball dancing and sweating with Richard Simmons.  Our friend Hanna also joined in the fun as well.  The theme this weekend was New Music, and Richard was dressed as a sailor.  You can see for yourself – here’s his 2011 Mother’s Day message:

Natalie and I also took a stroll along the beach in Venice, made a quick stop at the Citadel Outlet center (where I picked up a shirt at Banana Republic Outlet for $14 – score!), and spent the evening in lovely Cerritos, a suburb of Los Angeles that I’ve never really been to before.  Natalie is a singer, and she was in town on a tour of The Mikado (a Gilbert & Sullivan operetta) that was playing in Cerritos, so I saw her perform, and afterwards, met a bunch of the other cast members, and went out for a drink with them (I got sparkling water, natch).

My Mother’s Day was spent with my aunt, uncle, and cousins in another, different suburb, and last night we saw another show, God of Carnage, a very funny and entertaining play.

OH!  And the weekend kicked off with a very exciting piece of news… I’m meeting Kenz from All The Weigh later this week!  I love her blog and find her inspiring and funny, and she’s spending the week in California and coming to Slimmons!

She (jokingly – I hope) mentioned in her blog that she’s expecting me to show up with some new variety of oddly-colored vegetableThe pressure is on!  What if I just spray paint a celery stalk neon yellow? Ha!

And now it’s Monday.  I have a bag full of healthy food for lunch, and a change of clothes in my car so I can hit the gym after work.

Keep it up, David!


3 Responses to Weekend.

  1. Hahaha…if you’re going to spray paint celery it seems like it would be just as simple to appease me with a pink squash. Okay, so just show up, and I’ll be happy.

    It sounds like NY-ers just love you. Awesome. =0)

    I’m so ready for it to be tomorrow! =0)

  2. Lynn says:

    Very excited for you two to meet each other! Thanks David, for turning me on to http://www.allthatweigh.com !!!

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