A few months ago, I got a message, via Twitter, from a regular blog reader named Kelly.  She had noticed that, on a couple occasions (including here and here), I had mentioned how crappy my vegetable peeler was, and she wanted to send me a present – a new vegetable peeler that she loves and thought I’d love, too!  What a thoughtful and generous gesture!  I gave her an address, and she set out to get the peeler that she wanted to send me.  A few weeks later, she sent a message saying that it was harder to find the peeler than she had thought it would be, but she was working on it.

Then, in mid-March, a package arrived.  It was an envelope.  Inside the envelope was… another envelope.  Inside that envelope was… another envelope (this one was padded)!

Inside that third envelope, however, was…

…a new vegetable peeler!

There was also a very sweet card.  In it, Kelly mentioned that the peeler she actually wanted to buy me was, as she put it, “the world’s greatest,” but the company that sold it to her a few years ago no longer carries it, and she couldn’t find another online retailer.  So, in its place, she bought a peeler from The Pampered Chef and sent it my way, with the hope that it’s better than the crappy peeler I’m currently using.

I know the new peeler means business, because it comes with a blade guard for its serrated blade:

I wanted to try out my peeler, so I gathered five test subjects:

That’s Mr. Carrot, Mr. Apple, Mr. Sweet Potato, Mr. Delicata Squash, and Mr. Butternut Squash.  (Yep, all my produce is male.)

First up: Mr. Carrot, who was no match for my new peeler.  The peeler effortlessly removed carrot shavings without hesitation:

Same went for Mr. Apple – no contest:

This thing makes peeling a snap!  I hadn’t even gotten to the tough stuff yet, and I was already falling in love.  Mr. Sweet Potato required the slightest bit of elbow grease, but it was still a vast improvement over my old peeler:

Time to move on to a challenge: squash.  It was my difficulties with squash peeling that caught Kelly’s attention in the first place, so hopefully this new peeler would make things a whole lot easier.

The first squash I tackled was the delicata squash (read this to learn more about delicatas).  The delicata has a thin skin that you can eat and don’t need to peel off, but what’s the point of experimenting with a new peeler if you don’t peel stuff?

My new peeler barely batted an eye.  It slid through that delicata like it was butter:

But could it handle a butternut?  Butternut skins are tougher and thicker, but (and this was no surprise at this point) my peeler made removing the skin easy.  It did need more elbow grease than any of the other test subjects, but compared to my prior peeler, this new peeler was a miracle worker.  I probably had this butternut peeled in one quarter of the time it used to take me:

So there you have it.  This Pampered Chef peeler has a permanent home in my drawer, and my old peeler went straight down the trash chute.

A big thanks to Kelly for sending me such a lovely present, and going out of her way to find a quality peeler after not being able to find the one she really wanted to send me.  Rest assured this peeler will get a lot of use and will be a fixture in my kitchen!

Oh, and another great side effect of my peeler experiments?  Having two squashes ready to be de-seeded and cut up.  I’ve had squash as part of my lunch for the past three days, and that, to quote Martha Stewart, is a good thing.

Keep it up, David!

PS. If you’re inspired by this and want to send me something, then please go ahead!  You can email me at, and I’ll give you an address!

11 Responses to Peeler

  1. I don’t think I’ll fit into a tiny little envelope. Besides the 3 layers of envelopes might make it hard for me to breath. You would still sign for a package if it were moving, wouldn’t you?

  2. Lanae says:

    Always entertaining! Never disappointing! Please share how you cook the squash pretty please.

  3. Karen says:

    You’re a lucky man to have a Pampered Chef peeler! Very exciting (I’m a toolaholic and I love great kitchen gadgets). And I want to hear how you like to cook squash too. And sweet potatoes (I know you’ve done them in your RediSetGo, but do you do them other ways?). Great post!

  4. Kelly says:

    Hey David! So glad the peeler passed the test. Your veggie posts are often my favorites, especially when you try new stuff. Happy Peeling!

  5. Jessica says:

    I’m a Pampered Chef consultant and never even THOUGHT to use my serrated peeler on butternut squash. One of my favorite diet foods in the world is butternut squash soup (homemade – I use a tiny bit of fat free half and half to cream it up a little, sooooo good and about 80 calories for a cup!), but it’s such a pain to get that peel off! I’m going to try it myself this weekend!

  6. Freedom says:

    I too love my Pampered Chef peeler-well all of my Pampered chef stuff actually. But anyway. You can also use the peeler to peel in a pulling or pushing motion. May come in handy.

  7. Elisha says:

    Everything from Pampered Chef has my vote. I have a smaller PC peeler, and it doesn’t look at fancy as this one, but it works better than any other peeler I’ve had.

    Enjoy your squash!

  8. Paula says:

    I’ve had my Pampered Chef peeler for 15 plus years and it still works like new. It works great for us left handed people!

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