ID Badge AND Chart Update

Before getting into today’s post, I just wanted to take a hot second to thank everyone for all the lovely comments over the past few days.  The response to my way-off-program Sunday was so reassuring and motivating, and while I had a hunch the awesome photos I posted yesterday would elicit a nice response, I didn’t expect it to be as enormous and enthusiastic as it was.  I have such awesome readers, I really do!  I’m going to post more photos from that shoot on Friday, so be sure to come back for that!

One other quick thing – I’m the featured “Bloggin’ Dude” today on Femmena Mala, a really fun blog, so definitely check that out.  And a big thanks to Stephanie for featuring me!

Two more topics for today:

1) New ID Badge. It’s been a while since I’ve posted a “Before” and “Current” photo comparison, but yesterday a wonderful opportunity presented itself.  It starts with a bit of good news:  I’m back in the workforce.  I recently started a new gig that will keep me busy for a few months, so that’s exciting.  Don’t bother asking what I’m doing, because I’m not going to tell you – I gotta separate my work life from my blog (and both from my own actual life) or it will only be a matter of hours, I predict, before I go certifiably insane.

But the new job is in a building where I get an ID Badge that also serves as a key.  So, earlier this week, I stopped by the badge office, and they snapped a photo and printed up my new badge.  It looks totally different from my last ID Badge I had, so here they are, side by side:

The quality isn’t great – they’re thumbnail-sized images that were scanned and enlarged for the blog.  The photo on the left was taken in August 2008.  The photo on the right was taken Monday, March 21, 2011.  Look! I have a neck!

FUN FACT: Because I’m so tall (6’4″), in order to take both photos, I had to squat in front of the background, so my head would fit in the frame, as the camera was fixed.  Squatting this time around was a lot easier than last time.

When the photo on the left was taken, I remember liking it enough, and wishing I had worn a shirt that wasn’t the same color as the background, although how was I supposed to know what was the background was going to be?  As photos go, I don’t absolutely love the one on the right, but show me someone who loves the photo on their photo ID, and I’ll show you my pet unicorn, because the two are equally mythical.  Plus, on the badge, it’s one inch square, so who really will ever get a close-up look at it anyway?  Oh, and I approved it.  The guy who took the photo nicely allowed me to see it on his monitor before he printed up the badge.

2) Chart Update: I had a weigh-in this morning, and, miracle of miracles, I stayed the same!  The scale showed me at 237 pounds, which is (still) a 165-pound loss.  I say ‘miracle of miracles’ because I was prepared, after Sunday’s junk food splurge, to see a gain.

Oh – this may qualify as too much information, and you may want to skip to the next paragraph, but on Monday morning, post-splurge, I definitely wasn’t feeling too great.  My body responded to the gifts I had given it on Sunday by giving me a slight case of the runs.  It wasn’t full-on diarrhea, but I definitely spent more time on the crapper than normal.  Sorry to be gross – I just wanted to be honest, and commit that truth to writing, as a reminder to myself the next time I’m in a setting with abundant pigs-in-a-blanket and brownie bites.

So, unpleasantries aside, time to update my chart:

The dashed line is 220 pounds, which is my next goal weight.

I’m almost at the end of my sixth page, which is notable because when I start my seventh page, the chart will have officially out-grown the wall that it resides on.  Gotta figure out what to do:  Do I move it?  If so, where?  Or so I rearrange it where it is, so it’s in two lines?  Decisions, decisions!

Keep it up, David!


10 Responses to ID Badge AND Chart Update

  1. Heidikristen says:

    No reason you can’t continue your line and start charting from right to left, is there? Eventually, you’ll hit the floor!

  2. Bookbody says:

    If you have the wall space, you could always have it turn the corner. The corner itself might be a little difficult to read, but you’d maintain the inspiring effect of watching that line just drop and drop and drop.

  3. Leslie says:

    Congrats David! A job will definitely be a challenge for all your eating and exercising plans. Welcome back to the workforce!

    Yes, I would just start a second line for your chart… it doesn’t have to stay connected… and/or you could, gasp, computerize it to date, and just continue on by hand or not… it’ll take up less paper 🙂

  4. Nurse Karen says:

    You. Rock. Your ID photos are so profoundly different that one has to study the before & after to make sure it’s the same man. Wow. As for the tummy-trots, that’s probably due to the carb overload: the intestinal bacteria get-off on the CHO sugars,and a by-product of their digesting Your carbs is: Gas. Hence, the methane gas explosions in your gut. That, and when you eat “clean”, your body isn’t used to the preservatives & chemicals in the prepared snacks & store-bought foods. Glad you got back on track! You keep me Inspired, too. WAY TO GO DAVID!!!

  5. I got a comment on my blog a few days ago from someone who just assumed I never work since I don’t mention it on my blog. I responded by saying that there are a few things I don’t discuss – work, finances and sex. I received a little backlash for that, but we all have to have boundaries…I think it’s smart. 🙂

    I wonder what you’ll do with your chart…can’t wait to see..

  6. nathanalbert says:

    Something like that happened to me a few weeks ago. I had to get a new school ID card and the difference from August and now was ridiculous. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t let me keep the old one. Lame. Anyways, you’re awesome and keep up the awesome work G!

  7. Alix says:

    Well, I got on here to suggest the same thing that Leslie did, which is to put the “old” data on an excel sheet (which I will gladly help you with, if you like), and then do the “new” data by hand.

    But, I have to admit, I’m kind of with Bookbody too: making it turn the corner and just keep going would be fun! And, I bet, really inspirational. Hope you’re having a great week {:-)

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