New Kicks & More Than a Week of Workouts

Don’t you love when packages arrive in the mail?  I do.  So you can all understand my excitement when a package arrived today… with new shoes!

I’m a size 14, and buying shoes can be a pain in the ass.  A lot of retailers don’t stock shoes above Men’s size 13.  Some do, but their inventory is spotty.  The whole affair is rather hit-or-miss, so I end up buying a lot of my shoes online.  Sure, I could go to a Big & Tall store, but their selection always sucks, is never very youthful, and, oh yeah, I refuse to step foot in another Big & Tall store again.

Here are the shoes that arrived today – I love ’em!

They’re the Breakr 2, made by Warrior.  Warrior is a Michigan-based subsidiary of New Balance that primarily sells lacrosse equipment and gear.  Now, I don’t know the first thing about lacrosse – I’ve never played, never seen it played, and if you put a lacrosse stick in my hand, I’d probably go try to catch a butterfly or something.  But they recently started branching out and selling training shoes, and last year, when I was looking around at a bunch of companies and websites looking for gym shoes, I ended up buying a pair of Warriors.  They were comfortable and provided good support, so I thought of them again when those shoes wore out.

Here they are on my feet:

Here’s their online store, so you can look around at Warrior’s selection.  I recommend them, and a lot of their shoes are on sale right now!

Moving on…

Time to catch up with my exercise regimen.  It’s been about a week and a half since the last time I ran down what I’ve been doing to work out, so I’ve got some catching up to do.  Normally I work backwards, chronologically, but this time I’ll switch it up and start where I left off.

Saturday, 2/26: Normally I’d take Richard’s class at Slimmons on Saturday morning, but I had an appointment, so I couldn’t.  Instead, first thing in the morning, I hopped on the bike in the little gym in my building and rode for 50 minutes.

Sunday, 2/27: I met up with my friend Amy, and went for a lovely, long run – 5 miles in 60 minutes – which is fully documented here.

Monday, 2/28: Elliptical, 60 minutes, at the gym.

Tuesday, 3/1: Took a class with Sherri at Slimmons.  She was subbing for Richard, who was in New Zealand for the week.

Wednesday, 3/2: Went to the pool.  In total, I swam 2,750 yards in 65 minutes.  You can see how the yardage breaks down here (scroll down a little bit).

Thursday, 3/3: My most successful run to date!  In a cemetery!  5.4 miles in 57 minutes.  Lots of details and pics here.

Friday, 3/4: Worked out in the little gym in my building: 15 min of free weights, 45 min on exercise bike, 15 min of abs/push-ups.  Then, I did the photo shoot with Mike, which ended up involving about an hour of hiking to and from the burned-out bridge location, so that ended up being a nice bonus workout.

Saturday, 3/5: My birthday!  Went to Slimmons, where Anne was subbing for Richard, who was still in New Zealand.  More on Anne’s challenging class here.

Sunday, 3/6: REST DAY.  My first in 11 days.

Monday, 3/7: REST DAY.  Didn’t plan on this being a rest day – I wanted to go to the gym, but I just never made it.

Tuesday, 3/8: Boot Camp class with Craig RamsayTough.  Lots of lunges, push-ups, Romanian deadlifts (first time doing these, ever), and bicep curls while in lunge positions.  Ugh, my muscles ache just thinking about it!  Craig kicks my ass every time, and it’s pretty fantastic.

Wednesday, 3/9: Craig recommended I stick to just cardio today, and I followed his suggestion.  He asked in class what type of cardio was hardest for me, and I said StairMaster, so he suggested (naturally) that I do 20 minutes on StairMaster, level 5, and then 20 minutes on the treadmill, with a 15% incline.  I decided to really push myself today, so I used Craig’s suggestions as a starting off point.

On the StairMaster, I started at level 5, and then 3 minutes in, I switched to doing double steps instead of single steps.  At 9 minutes in, I upped it to level 6, and at 14 minutes in, I upped it to 7, and for the final 3 minutes, I upped it to level 8, while doing double steps the whole time.  In total, 275 calories burned.

On the treadmill, Craig suggested 15% incline, and a speed at 3.2, which I did for the first 5 minutes.  Then, every 5 minutes, I bumped it up .1 mph, so by the end of the 20 minutes, I was up to 3.5 mph.  In total, 75 calories burned.

Then, just because I was feeling good, I jumped on the arc trainer, and put in 20 minutes, slowly upping the resistance and incline the whole time.  In total, 410 calories burned, which makes for a grand total for the day of 760 calories.

OH – and I nearly forgot:  those 20 minutes on the StairMaster equaled 75 flights, which is the same as the JPMorgan Chase Tower in Houston.  This skyscraper holds a couple records:  It’s the tallest building in Texas, and the tallest 5-sided building in the world:

Yep, I climbed the equivalent of that today!

Keep it up, David!

8 Responses to New Kicks & More Than a Week of Workouts

  1. That’s a very tall building my friend! W-o-W! Your workouts have been incredible lately! Love it!

  2. Karen says:

    Fabulous! Great workouts… very motivating 🙂 Warrior also makes excellent hockey equipment, and my husband’s family swears by them. Glad to hear they sell online now!!

  3. Sandra says:

    David you are inspiration to all of us who gave up years ago. Did you get another Redisetgo? Or did you look through Walmarts selection and pick something else. Let us know please…be safe…and Run David Run! Sandy

  4. Maria says:

    How are you still walking?… I had to sit and drink a glass of water just reading what you’ve been doing. lol… Good for you! My major exercise this last week was job searching and house cleaning… it’s Spring, so might as well get into it! Hope your shoes get you where you want to be…at least the 600 miles their intended for and Happy Spring! Keep it up David!

  5. Great blog!

    Hope those shoes get a good few workouts and runs x

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